Anita trolls Overwatch teammate annoyed at her Tourette tic

L: Anita, R: Blizzard Entertainment

Popular Twitch streamer Anita had the perfect response to a rude Overwatch teammate that complained about one of her tics.

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Anita has Tourette Syndrome, meaning she often produces involuntary sounds or phrases called tics, and while streaming Overwatch she encountered a teammate who responded to them rather rudely.

Despite Anita’s explanation of her Tourette Syndrome, the player was apparently convinced that she was “some kind of robot”, although continued to make inappropriate sexual remarks and threatened to report her in-game.

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Sweet_Anita, TwitterAnita has seen a massive growth in popularity since starting streaming.

Anyone who’s spent any time watching her streams will likely recognize the whistle that is one of her more common tics, and it seems this particularly irritated Anita’s teammate, who eventually shouted at her to “stop that fucking whistle”. Anita didn’t seem particularly distressed, however, and was quick to answer with a perfect response.

It seems being forced to periodically whistle is good practice, because without missing a beat Anita began an impressive whistled rendition of the infamous “troll song”.

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The player clearly didn’t appreciate this new development and responded with even more unpleasant comments, but Anita simply continued to whistle over the top of him.

It seems the player eventually accepted defeat, as he wasn’t heard from again during the game. While the match too was unfortunately lost by Anita’s team, the moment made for a more entertaining end to the game for those watching the stream than a simple victory would have.

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While the hilarious moments that Anita’s tics can produce – and yes, she’s happy for you to laugh – might make for some particularly entertaining highlights, Anita’s rapid growth in popularity this year has largely been built off her personality, from her ability to deal with situations like this to her remarkably sage advice on serious topics like dealing with grief.

In this instance too, Anita had some advice for viewers, stating that “when people troll, you don’t always have to resort to toxicity in order to deal with it.”