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NELK Boys & SteveWillDoIt slam fans for being kicked out of Jersey house

Published: 16/Sep/2020 11:17 Updated: 16/Sep/2020 11:18

by Brad Norton


The NELK Boys have come under fire recently for holding multiple large gatherings in the span of just a few days. However, they’ve responded to the backlash, explaining how things are allegedly being misinterpreted.

Having blown up on social media throughout 2020, NELK Boys have faced their fair share of criticism as well. The group of pranksters was banned from YouTubejust days ago, and the controversy hasn’t slowed down since.


The extremely popular personalities recently came under fire for hosting two enormous gatherings across the United States. In the midst of an ongoing health crisis, huge crowds have gathered for a chance to interact with the internet celebrities. This was a cause for huge concern as streets were filled and security was forced to keep the meetups in order.

Since the most recent incidents, Kyle Forgeard of the NELK Boys took to social media to address the drama. Outlining how the media has been getting the narrative “pretty f**king twisted.”



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45 MINUTES TILL THE DROP… getting kicked out of the shore house

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While police shut down earlier gatherings, the latest meetups were supposedly kept in line by forces the NELK Boys had hired.  This was done in order to “disperse people and get rid of the crowds” in the midst of the ongoing health crisis — though the NELK Boys assured they had no intention of causing any big meetups in the first place.

“It might sound stupid, we don’t know how big we are,” Forgeard said. “We don’t feel famous, we feel normal. We can’t even post a story of where we’re at anymore. People will show up and we’re gonna get in sh*t for starting a large gathering.”

“It’s just something we’re going to have to accept,” he added. Regardless of where they are or what they’re doing, fans will seemingly show up out of the blue.


“We’re not used to it and I guess we’re learning the hard way. It sucks that we have to change our style because of how big we are.”

From fines for big parties to bans on social media platforms for other meetups, NELK have certainly been in trouble for recent actions. It’s something they’re well aware of, and something they’re actively trying to stop, too, as a new video suggests.

Late on September 15, footage emerged of NELK’s SteveWillDoIt angrily confronting fans who were gathering around where they were staying on the Jersey Shore — one of the huge gatherings that critics have called them out for. In the video, he demands the large group of fans let him speak before letting them know how they’re affecting their work.


“You say you’re fans because you love us, right?” he asked the crowd. “You’re getting us kicked out on our merch drop day because you’re here… If you’re here right now, you don’t like us, and I don’t f**k with you. We worked two months for this day, so if you guys stay here, I don’t f**k with any of you.”

While many fans and critics alike believe that NELK have been purposely orchestrating these gatherings so as to meet with their fans, it’s starting to look as though the complete opposite is true — and it could be having a big impact on their work.


This is especially pertinent if it affects their merch drops — which, especially after being permanently demonetized, NELK say they rely solely on for income.

How this changes things in the future, and whether NELK Boys fans can resist the temptation to hunt the stars down as they travel across the US, remains to be seen.


Twitch streamer Jinny stunned as man tries to sell her drugs on stream

Published: 7/Oct/2020 18:49

by Michael Gwilliam


IRL Twitch streamer Jinny was left shocked after two men tried to sell her drugs while she toured the city of Hamburg in Germany.

Jinny has grown quite a following thanks in part to her IRL traveling antics where the Korean streamer routinely has odd adventures. Her trips have resulted in her befriending waitresses at a Texas Hooters, being attacked by wild deer in Denmark, and even setting her backyard on fire.


Now, in her most recent trip in Germany, the streamer found herself in quite an awkward position as she was offered drugs during an October 7 broadcast.

While talking to viewers, a random man suddenly began talking to her in broken English.


“You’re lucky to be in Deutschland. My ganja is the best,” he said. “You get three for five.”

It’s unclear exactly what units of measurement the man was selling three of for five Euros, but ganja translates to marijuana or weed. The incident really shocked the IRL streamer who had no idea what he was talking about.

“I don’t speak German,” she stated as he and another man conversed in the language.

Jinny's Twitch chat
Jinny’s chat warned her the man was selling drugs.

“Do you need ganja?” the man asked in English.

“What is ganja?” Jinny wondered. “Iguana?”

Eventually, Jinny looked at her chat and saw that her viewers were spamming translations and explaining how he was trying to sell her drugs – something she wanted no part of.


“I don’t need ganja. It’s okay,” she laughed and went on her way. “That was very random. Do I look like I smoke weed? Uh, maybe.”

Amusingly, the streamer went on to explain that she was very confused and seriously thought the man was trying to sell her an iguana.


“I thought he said ‘do you want to buy an iguana,’” she chuckled. “Why would I want to buy an iguana all of a sudden?”

Luckily, Jinny wasn’t forced into buying any drugs or reptiles during her encounter, but it just goes to show that even when a camera is rolling, weird stuff happens on a regular basis.