Fans outraged as Stan Lee’s Twitter used to promote NFTs of superheroes

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stan lee twitter chakra nft

The late Stan Lee’s Twitter page is once again being used for monetary gain, but this time it’s to promote the sale of NFTs. The NFT is meant to honor Lee’s legacy, but fans are outraged.

Stan Lee (1922 – 2018) was the creator of Marvel comics and was considered by many to be a real-life superhero. Throughout his career, he co-created some of the most iconic superheroes including Spider-Man, Iron Man, Hulk, and more.

With the news of his passing in 2018, Marvel fans across the globe mourned the loss of a hero. However, over the past three years since his passing, Stan Lee’s Twitter has stayed relatively active.

The majority of these post-mortem tweets have been advertisements for products using Lee’s likeness. People haven’t been happy with the use of his Twitter, but an NFT promotion has resulted in a horde of outraged fans.

Stan Lee’s Twitter promotes NFTs

Chakra The Invincible superhero NFT
Chakra The Invincible NFT for sale

On December 14, another advertisement disguised as a tweet was posted on Stan Lee’s Twitter. This time, however, the ad wasn’t for a physical collector’s item but was instead for an NFT of one of Lee’s original characters.

Chakra the Invincible is Lee’s first Indian hero whom he created in 2012. He’s not a part of the Marvel universe Lee is known for but is a standalone hero in his own. Chakra debuted in an animated film that premiered on Cartoon Network.

According to the tweet, the NFT is meant to “honor [Lee’s] innovative spirit”. However, the controversial nature of NFTs has caused quite a stir among his fanbase.

Stan Lee fans outraged over NFT promotion

The promotion of the NFTs on Stan Lees page has been met with a mob of angry tweets. Many replies called the promotion “disrespectful”, and others mocked the fact that the Chakra NFT was meant to “honor” Stan’s legacy.

Users claiming to support NFTs were disgusted by the use of Lee’s Twitter, and even the account for took this opportunity to chime in.

The NFT is produced by Orange Comet, a studio that produced “world-class NFTs and blockchain experiences”. And a quick visit to their website uncovers that this isn’t the first time they’ve used Stan Lee’s likeness to sell digital merchandise.

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