Ubisoft slammed over Quartz NFT announcement

ubisoft quartzUbisoft

Ubisoft Quartz is the developer’s brand-new NFT endeavor, but it appears the majority of fans are not impressed by the announcement. 

Ubisoft is responsible for some great titles over the course of gaming history, such as The Division, Far Cry, Watch Dogs, Rainbow Six, and so many others.

But, with their December 7 reveal of Ubisoft Quartz, the company’s first non-fungible token (NFT) endeavor, fans are wondering if the developer is finally past its prime.

With the flurry of negative comments on the announcement video and news post, Quartz may struggle to convince fans out of the gate.

Ubisoft Quartz NFT rollout slammed by fans: “Be Better”

ubisoft quartzUbisoft
Ubisoft’s Quartz announcement has the company in hot water with fans.

Ubisoft has started advertising Quartz as “a new platform for players to acquire Digits, the first NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) playable in an AAA game,” according to a press release.

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These cosmetic items will be available in beta on Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon: Breakpoint on December 9 and will range from gun skins to clothing cosmetics, according to the announcement video shared on December 7.

When looking at the comments and the corresponding Twitter thread, Ubisoft fans are not happy with the move from the developer.

“You know I don’t think I’ve seen sadder things than the game industry getting into NFTs. Genuinely painful. Be better than this Ubisoft,” wrote one commenter, sharing the sentiment of many others frustrated with the move to incorporate NFTs.

“I miss the old Ubisoft…” and “The great thing about Ubisoft is their games have been terrible for 8 years so it’s not even difficult to boycott them” show another trend in the comments of fans displeasure with the companies recent endeavors.

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Whether it be strictly due to the NFT aspect of Quartz or the companies recent performance, fans are not happy with the move, by in large.

12/8 Update: According to VGC, the announcement video has been delisted for anyone who doesn’t have the link after 95% of people disliked the video.

What is an NFT?

Far Cry 6 Dani RojasUbisoft
What other Ubisoft titles could we see NFT’s come to next?

For those unaware, NFT’s have swept the internet over the past year with their fair share of haters.

The general idea behind them is that you can own a unique piece of digital property, fit with a serial number, that only you own. Then, when you please, you can sell it and hopefully turn a profit.

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Until recently, these have been limited to avatar-style images that celebrities like Steph Curry use as profile pictures, but now it looks like they’re coming to gaming.

How the Ubisoft Quartz announcement will affect the general NFT landscape is unknown, but keep a lookout as other developers may follow suit in dipping their toes into the space.