SSSniperWolf responds to hate for allegedly “ghosting” terminally ill fan

SSSniperWolf under fire for allegedly bailing on meeting with ill fanYouTube: SSSniperWolf

Popular reaction YouTuber SSSniperWolf is coming under fire after an angry mother claimed the influencer ditched a meeting with her terminally ill child.

29-year-old Alia ‘SSSniperWolf’ Shelesh is an uber-popular YouTuber with over 30 million subscribers.

The influencer is best known for her reaction videos where she shares her thoughts on popular trends or viral content. Her uploads often garner millions of views each.

While she might be one of the biggest names on YouTube, she’s coming under fire after a mother claimed that she bailed after agreeing to meet with her terminally ill child, Kiara.

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Initially, Kiara appeared on an episode of Adam22’s No Jumper podcast, where she mentioned that her biggest dream was to meet SSSniperWolf.

Adam22 reached out to the reaction YouTuber to let her know about the situation, prompting her to reportedly reach out to Kiara’s mother to schedule a FaceTime call with the sick child.

Unfortunately, this initial meeting never ended up happening. In a series of Instagram messages provided by Drama Alert, Kiara’s mother and SSSniperWolf can be seen excitedly arranging a call around Christmas day — but it’s after this introduction that things start to fall through.

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SSSniperwolf messages 1

The two struggled to come up with a time that worked for both parties. At one point, the mother posted an Instagram story asking fans to reach out to SSSniperwolf, which the influencer purportedly asked her to delete on the premise of wanting to avoid “spam” messages asking her to video chat with fans.

SSSniperwolf messages 2

Eventually, SSSniperwolf claimed that her days are “very busy” and says that it will be difficult to find a time to call the youngster… a statement that prompted Kiara’s mother to give the influencer an earful.

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“It would have been nice for you to just say hi,” the mother wrote in an Instagram DM. “It’s okay, she’s dying and literally has days to live. I just tried to make my daughter’s last wishes happen.”

SSSniperwolf mother responds

Although SSSniperWolf reaffirmed that she would “make it happen,” the mother seemingly had enough and blocked the influencer from messaging her again.

SSSniperWolf meets with terminally ill fan after backlash

However, SSSniperWolf claims that she has since been able to get back in touch with the mother and says she did send a video message to Kiara, after all.

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Luckily, this situation had a positive (if incredibly bittersweet) ending — even if the road getting there was a little rocky.

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