Speedrunner trolls AGDQ crowd with classic Skyrim meme

L: Bethesda R: Bloodthunder - Twitter

Speedrunners get a chance to show off their skills during Awesome Games Done Quick, and this particular one took the opportunity to troll the audience with a hilarious fake crash during the run.

AGDQ is always a massive event because it gives viewers a chance to watch people speedrun their favorite games, and it also raises money for charity.

This particular event is raising money for the Prevent Cancer Foundation, and over $1 million dollars has been collected so far by over 25,000 donators.


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While most of the runners take their craft quite seriously, some of them take an opportunity to troll when it’s there.

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Speedrunner Bloodthunder, who would go on to roast Twitch streamer Alinity in the same broadcast, had the absolutely perfect troll ready for his viewers.

For most runners, timing is the most important thing, but when he had a few extra seconds, he decided to bring out a popular meme and troll the audience.

2KBioshock was Bloodthunder’s game of choice.

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He faked a crash by showing a blue screen of death on his screen before putting his hands on his head, but everything was not as it seemed.

Directly following the blue screen, it transitioned into the opening intro to the 2011 classic The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.

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Anyone who has frequented the internet since Skyrim’s release is likely familiar with this meme, and it got a loud roar from the crowd after they released what just happened.

This meme has become a very popular bait-and-switch joke where the person would black out and upon waking back up, it’d be them in the cart from the start of the game.

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The intro didn’t last long and Bloodthunder went right back to playing Bioshock. It made for a really funny moment for an otherwise pretty serious event. He eventually finished the game with a time of 49 minutes and 59 seconds, which was still 10 minutes off from the world record.

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If you want to donate to Awesome Games Done Quick, you’re still able to do so by following this link. The event wraps up for good on January 12.