Sommer Ray hits out at Charly Jordan over Tayler Holder relationship

Jacob Hale
Sommer Ray, Tayler Holder and Charly Jordan

After Tayler Holder and Charly Jordan officially confirmed that they’re together, Holder’s former flame Sommer Ray has spoken out and given her thoughts — and she’s not exactly happy.

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Tayler and Charly confirmed that they’re together in an Instagram post on October 13 following weeks of speculation that kicked off not long after Tayler and Sommer appeared to bring their relationship to an end.

At the time, there definitely seemed to be some beef between the two influencers, with Charly accusing Sommer of blocking her, but things have gone quieter recently as the three of them had nothing to say.

Now, though, Sommer has been asked about the new developments, and she clearly isn’t the biggest fan of how everything has gone down.

Sommer Ray Instagram photo
Sommer Ray had an on/off relationship with Tayler Holder earlier this year.

In an interview with Pap Galore on YouTube, Sommer was asked how she felt about the two of them making it official, and she simply said that she’s “happy for them.”

Things took a turn, though, when she was told that most people now believe she “wasn’t lying” about what went down between the two of them.

Sommer insisted that Charly was actually the one lying, though what exactly she was lying about is unclear. Sommer could mean that Charly lied about the reason her and Tayler initially met up for lunch, or that she lied about Sommer blocking her on social media, making it impossible to talk it through.

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Sommer obviously isn’t impressed with how Charly conducted herself in the period of time following her and Tayler’s breakup, despite saying that she’s happy for the new couple.

Needless to say, the two women are unlikely to be best friends any time soon — but it will be interesting to see if Charly ever responds to Sommer’s accusations.