Charly Jordan responds to Sommer Ray feud over Tayler Holder

Published: 18/Jul/2020 18:23

by Daniel Cleary


TikTok star Charly Jordan has responded to rumors around her feud with Sommer Ray after she was spotted at a restaurant with Tayler Holder shortly after the pair had broken up.

Charly Jordan has built a massive following across TikTok and Instagram and is known for producing music, creating entertaining videos for her fans, and more.

However, the social media star received some backlash after she was caught in drama surrounding fellow influencers Tayler Holder and Sommer Ray, who recently confirmed that they had broken up again.

Charly Jordan was spotted having lunch with Tayler Holder, after images surfaced on July 11, which led to Tayler later revealing that he was single yet again and “allowed to have friends.”

However, Sommer Ray was seemingly not too happy with the pair’s outing, simply tweeting “girl code doesn’t exist to some b*tches I swear,” shortly after.

Charly recently responded to Sommer Ray, in an Interview with Celebrity Livin, claiming that she was already in the restaurant for a meeting and added that she and Tayler were just friends.

“It was supposed to be a work meeting but the person bailed, so I just texted him to come have lunch,” she revealed, “they turned it into a whole thing, but he’s just the homie.”

When she was asked about the online feud with Sommer Ray, Charly explained that she had no bad blood and that the brief clip was taken out of context.

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Although she wanted to make amends with Sommer, she claimed that she was unable to do so, adding that the fitness model had blocked the pair of them on social media.

“I wanted to talk to her but she kinda blocked both of us so I can’t do that,” Jordan admitted.

She followed up by revealing she was just going to give her fellow influencer some space before talking it out and that she was willing to put the drama behind her.


Conor McGregor explains why YouTube boxing is “good business” for the sport

Published: 16/Jan/2021 1:20

by Alex Tsiaoussidis


Jake Paul and Logan Paul helped popularize ‘YouTube Boxing’ in recent years, although it’s often described as a mockery of the sport. However, Conor McGregor explained why he isn’t against it and thinks it’s good business.

Conor McGregor has been focused on his upcoming UFC 257 bout against Dustin Poirier for a while now. However, that hasn’t stopped Jake Paul from doing his best to rope the former double champion into an exhibition boxing match.

Jake first called him out back in November 2020 after he knocked out Nate Robinson. Then, he taunted him to accept a $50 million fight offer several weeks later and has been flailing about ever since. 

He still hasn’t managed to get his attention. However, his antics did draw out comments from UFC President Dana White and Conor’s coach, John Kavanagh. Now, Conor has finally shared his thoughts on YouTube boxing as a whole, and here’s what he had to say.

Jake Paul Conor McGregor
Jake Paul / Conor McGregor
Jake Paul has tried and failed to bait a response from Conor McGregor.

“A lot of people are criticizing [YouTube boxing] as maybe making a bit of a mockery of fighting,” asked an interviewer. It’s the predominant view among fans of combat sports. “I want you to weigh in on that for me.” 

“If they are fighting, well, then it can’t make a mockery of fighting, right?” said Conor. “They’re getting in, and they’re competing. I am not so much against it. The YouTube kid and the NBA star competing [was] good business.

“Am I into those competitions myself? It’s not the most high level if any level… [but] as they say if it makes dollars, it makes sense,” he added. “I know Dana and the UFC are not really into it, but… I’m not so against it. I think if people are willing to get in and take the risk of making that walk, I am certainly a viewer.”


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Conor’s opinion might come as a surprise to fans who expected him to make scathing comments. However, as a businessman himself, it seems like he’s all for it. Plus, as he said, YouTube boxers are still fighting and giving it their all.

On another note, Conor didn’t seem too incensed about Jake. He barely mentioned him at all. 

Still, it’s only a matter of time before Jake responds, and there’s no doubt he won’t be too thrilled about being referred to as “the YouTube kid.”