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Sodapoppin reacts to ultra-cringy old video of himself discussing women

Published: 4/Nov/2019 16:21 Updated: 4/Nov/2019 17:04

by Jacob Hale


One of the great things about YouTube and the digital age is that you can relive moments with a sweet tint of nostalgia. But this isn’t always a good idea, as Twitch streamer Sodapoppin found out when he watched an embarrassing old video live on stream.

Chance ‘Sodapoppin’ Morris has been creating content for the better part of a decade; his first YouTube upload came seven years ago, with videos on World of Warcraft and some real-life stuff thrown into the mix.

In a livestream on November 3, Sodapoppin allowed viewers to request YouTube videos with donations, which could go wrong for a number of reasons – but Sodapoppin probably didn’t expect to be embarrassed by his own content.

Sodapoppin/YouTubeSodapoppin has amassed over 1m YouTube subscribers and 2.6m Twitch followers.

In a video that is evidently from several years ago, Sodapoppin is answering the question of hair color he prefers in a woman – redhead, blonde, brunette, or black. He then went into a bit too much detail when discussing his preference.

“Let’s assume that these girls are all beyond perfect, they just have different hair color,” the video starts. “If I had to pick one to date, probably brunette,” before saying that he wasn’t interested in blondes because they were “too stupid.”

As the video played out, current-day Sodapoppin was literally holding his head in his hands, unable to even look at this video of himself from only a few years ago.

If Sodapoppin thought that was the end of the embarrassment he was very wrong, as old-Soda continued: “Redheads, if they’re not ginger and they’re redheads… Yeah… and they have great feet.”

He then turned to his friend off-camera and advised him to “get some feet pics” before sharing that his phone background was of a pair of feet.

Of course, embarrassing old videos weren’t the only thing Sodapoppin had to deal with during the stream, with yet another awkward moment occurring thanks to the YouTube requests.

One viewer donated a huge $50 to play a video – an English-dubbed anime clip – but the video was not available on copyright grounds, meaning nobody even got to watch it.

After the clip finished, Sodapoppin just laughed and said “Whatever,” before telling his chat that “I don’t care what y’all think.”

He was clearly embarrassed by the old video, as he swiftly moved on without really addressing it and tried to pretend it hadn’t happened.

But the Internet never forgets, and he might struggle to live this one down.


Travis Scott and PlayStation tease new PS5 “Cactus Jack” Nike Dunks

Published: 23/Oct/2020 20:53

by Theo Salaun


Travis Scott has revealed a new “TS5” teaser with PlayStation, which features a brief glimpse showcasing what appears to be a PS5 and Cactus Jack collaboration on a pair of Nike Dunk lows.

The 2020 king of collaborations, Scott, continues to up the ante. This time, he and Sony partnered to put together a teaser video, which is an obvious ode to the infamous Maxell “Blown Away Guy” advertisements from 1980.

In the social media commercial, Sony’s PlayStation headquarters are shown, followed by a few different employees who represent different aspects of the new console’s development (platform, design, and engineering). Afterward, Scott sits down, powers on a PS5, and is literally blown away.

Each employee is rocking some of Scott’s Cactus Jack merchandise, including one wearing a pair of his iconic Jordan 1 lows and one wearing a similar design, but on a pair of Nike Dunk lows. In the corner, a PS logo can be noticed by the sneaker’s heel.

It’s a short and sweet video, starting with some foreshadowing and teasing of the collaboration before finishing with a direct promotion for the PS5. An employee is seen wearing the PS5 Cactus Jack Dunks and then later, Scott himself appears to be wearing them as he kicks back and turns on the console.

In what might be obvious to those who have a keen eye for historic marketing content, the ending Scott portion of the clip is nearly a direct recreation of Maxell’s original ads from a couple decades ago. Those ads featured someone turning on one of the brand’s cassette tapes and experiencing the media quite physically. 

Similarly, Scott’s clothing, hair, and surrounding furniture are simultaneously hit with an unrelenting gust as soon as he powers on the PS5.

With the announcement from Sony that Scott has been enlisted as a “strategic creative partner,” it’s unclear exactly what the extent of this collaboration could mean. At the very least, fans can expect the two to work together on more projects.

One such project could be a pair of Cactus Jack sneakers, which would mean a three-way collab between Nike, Sony, and Scott’s own personal brand.

Twitter, @trvisXX
The outside of the Cactus Jack x PlayStation Nike Dunks.

Scott’s sneaker collaborations typically sell out very quickly and then dominate the resale market, where resellers net huge profits just by lucking out and being among the first to invest in his reworked designs.

This sneaker follows the original Jordan 1 design, with an inverted swoosh logo on the outside, but in a contrasting colorway. Similarly, it seems to feature a PS5 logo at the heel (as other Nike and PlayStation collaborations have). It’s unknown whether these will be made available to the public or if they will be a “friends and family” symbolic release.