Twitch streamer has brutal rejection for older man following her in a store

Virginia Glaze

A Japanese Twitch streamer had the perfect response to an older man who wouldn’t stop following her around a convenience store.

It’s well-known by now that Twitch has some of the wildest content on the internet… but sometimes, these broadcasts can take a turn that makes both the streamer and their audience majorly uncomfortable.

We’ve covered a slew of eye-popping incidents that have happened on Twitch, a recent example being when IRL streamer ‘ibabyrainbow’ caught an older man not-so-sneakily taking photos of her backside as she soaked up some sunshine on the beach.

Now, another creepy incident has cropped up after a Japanese streamer was followed around by an older guy who wouldn’t leave her alone, despite rejecting him in a brutal way.

Twitch streamer brutally rejects man following her around store

Japanese Twitch streamer ‘Canniny’ was broadcasting her shopping trip in a convenience store when she was approached by an older guy who asked if she had a boyfriend.

When she said no, he informed her he didn’t have a girlfriend, prompting Canniny to ask his age.

“Um, how old are you?” she asked.

“Don’t do that!” he replied. When she insisted, he admitted that he was around “forty” years old.

The streamer informed him that he was closer to her mother’s age and told him to find someone else in his own age bracket.

She explained the situation in English once he left her alone, claiming that he’d asked her, “When will you say okay?”

“I said, ‘Uh, maybe when you’re reborn.'”

Unfortunately, her brutal rejection didn’t stop him from continuing to follow her around the store and even patting her on the head as she continued to stream.

As of now, the VOD of her broadcast has expired, but clips from the interaction are taking social media by storm as viewers are left shocked and appalled at the guy’s behavior.

This is far from the first time female streamers have had to deal with such situations. Back in 2021, popular IRL streamer Jinny had to fend off a man insisting she get in a car with him in a tense interaction that left her fans worried.