Asmongold left stunned after Sodapoppin pulls off epic WoW Classic gank - Dexerto

Asmongold left stunned after Sodapoppin pulls off epic WoW Classic gank

Published: 28/Oct/2019 23:41 Updated: 29/Oct/2019 1:48

by Isaac McIntyre


World of Warcraft streamers around at the moment, it’s always hilarious when Asmongold and Sodapoppin come together at the same time on-stream, whether its to work together, or to lock horns.

This latest meeting outside the halls of Blackrock Mountain was no different, after Soda’s raid group stumbled across Asmongold as he was preparing to wrap up his broadcast.

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At first, the WoW star didn’t realize he was about to get piled on by the arriving players, and was speaking about how many current gamers will soon quit the game as the grind continues on. He soon changed his attention as he was attacked.


“That’s right, three at a time…” Asmon said as the first members of the guild rolled down the hill and started attacking him. His annoyance soon turned to shock as Soda and the rest of his group arrived, swarming and killing Asmon. “What the f*ck? Hey, hey! What the…?”

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Needless to say, the WoW star was shocked. Soda and his guild continued on almost without a second thought as they left Asmon dead at the entrance to Molten Core, with only one member, ‘Fredx,’ even taking a second look at the Twitch streamer’s corpse.


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After releasing his spirit, the ganked streamer let lose on Soda and his raid group, suggesting they needed every single one of the two-dozen characters to make sure he was dead in the surprise attack.

“They needed a full raid to beat me,” he said. “Even the four-vs-one wasn’t enough, they had to bring in the whole raid. Disgusting. Absolutely f*cking disgusting.”

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The brutal surprise attack isn’t the only time since the release of WoW Classic that Sodapoppin has pulled off a sneaky gank on Asmongold either — Soda took full advantage of Asmon AFKing by killing his character and humping his corpse.


Considering he’s come off second best a few times now at the hands of his fellow Twitch star, Asmongold may be considering revenge sometime soon. Either way, both WoW streamers should probably get used to watching their backs — who knows which one could attack next.