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Small Twitch streamer in tears after massive raid from Emiru

Published: 27/Oct/2021 17:57

by Lawrence Scotti


Cosplayer and Twitch streamer Emiru shocked fellow streamer Zarej when she raided her channel after concluding her broadcast, shifting to her thousands of new viewers and stunning her in the process.

Twitch streamers have the option to host another streamer’s channel on their page after concluding a broadcast. Hosting has long been an effective way for bigger streamers to help smaller ones get more eyes on them and their livestreams.

Emiru left a smaller streamer completely stunned when she hosted her channel, boosting her viewership from the single digits to the thousands instantly.

emiru gwen
Emiru/Riot Games
Emiru is a Twitch streamer for the esports team Cloud9.

Emiru Twitch raid

Emiru was streaming on October 26 when she raided Zarej’s Twitch channel. Before the host came through, Zarej was streaming Apex Legends to just a handful of viewers.


Once the host from Emiru came through, however, that viewership number skyrocketed to over 10,000. The host shocked Zarej, who stopped playing to address the insane amount of new eyes on her.

Zarej was astonished and said: “What’s happening? Wait. Oh My God!” As the new viewers flooded her channel, the new follower notification began to ring over and over again.

Her friends she was on voice chat with tried to make sense of the moment and mentioned, “yeah, I think you just got raided.”

The streamer was so overwhelmed by the massive host from Emiru that she began to cry, unable to hold back her excitement and gratefulness.


Trying to pull herself together, she said: “I’m not crying, guys, I swear I’m not lame!”

Shortly after addressing her new followers and viewers, the stream crashed and she quickly came back online to stream for her new viewership.

Emiru certainly made Zarej’s day, creating quite a wholesome moment in the process.