Veibae explains VShojo exit amid rumors of falling out with other members

vtuber veibae posing using cat girl model.Veibae

Veibae has explained her decision to leave VShojo, claiming that staying at the Vtuber agency “didn’t make financial sense,” and that her exit has nothing to do with her relationship with other talents.

On April 26, it was announced that both Veibae and Silvervale are no longer part of VShojo after choosing to let their contracts expire.

This announcement was followed by Silvervale going on stream and making comments about Ironmouse, VShojo’s most followed member.

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These comments led the Vtuber community to question if internal issues with other VShojo members was a factor in their decision, but Veibae has insisted otherwise.

Veibae shuts down suggestions that internal issues led to VShojo exit

Veibae has insisted that her exit from VShojo has nothing to do with other talents. On Twitter, the popular Vtuber said that the decision was purely business related as staying “didn’t make any financial sense.”

Responded to her original announcement, Vei said: “Since this post got so much traction and people are speculating as to why I have left and blaming other talents for it — it’s nothing like that at all. I left because the new contract didn’t make any financial sense to me.”

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She continued: “I can’t speak for Silver because we didn’t leave together, we were just announced on the same day. I can’t say much else because of legal sh*t ‘n stuff but please be kind to everyone involved. Don’t make weird rumors up to control ur made-up narrative. TL;DR: I left cuz new contract no gud.”

Veibae was prompted to make this response after various members and fans of the Vtuber community had speculated on her exit.

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She rounded off the statement by offering advice encouraging indie talents to hire a lawyer before signing any contract: “For all indies, always hire a lawyer to read through any contract, however minor it may seem. I know it’s a scary process to think about but you’ll be so fuckin thankful down the line.”

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