Kson admits she would leave VShojo if offered a better contract elsewhere

Kurt Perry
VShojo vtuber kson during 1st anniversary live concert youtube video

Popular Vtuber Kson has admitted that whilst VShojo treats her well she wouldn’t hesitate to leave if offered a “way better,” contract elsewhere.

Multiple members have left VShojo with Veibae and Silvervale exiting on April 25 and Nyanners following suit on May 1.

This mass exodus has seen several VShojo members speak about the departures, mostly offering support and kind words to the departed talents.

Now Kson, another VShojo member, has offered her insight admitting she’d consider leaving too if the right offer came along.

Kson would leave VShojo for a “way better” contract

Speaking on Twitter, VShojo Japan star Kson admitted that she would leave the Vtuber agency if offered a “way better,” contract at another company.

On her contract situation, Kson said: “VshojoJP is treating me very good right now but if there is an agent that can give me a way more better contract, like giving me 1M$ per month sponsorship, and if Vshojo couldn’t afford more, hell yeah I’m down. Contracts are business after all!”

This tweet was posted in response to Veibae, Silvervale, and Nyanners’ exit from VShojo. Some members of the Vtuber community had speculated that this was due to personal reasons despite Vei explaining that it was strictly financially motivated.

She went on to directly address fans trying to stir up drama: “I don’t understand why people want drama for this. People do the same thing in social life. Talents too have the right to choose wherever they are happy to be at. I don’t care about anything if the talents themselves are happy with their fans.”

Kson started out as an independent Vtuber streaming on YouTube six years ago. After various activities, she later joined VShojo alongside Nazuna Amemiya to become the first members of the Japanese branch on July 2, 2022.