Nyanners leaves VShojo days after Silvervale & Veibae’s shock exit

Jeremy Gan
Nyanners announces leave from Vshojo

Nyanners is the latest Vtuber star to announce her leave from talent agency VShojo amid a string of other mega-popular VTubers like Silvervale and Veibae also parting ways with the company. 

VTuber Nyanners has announced her parting of ways with the talent company VShojo, revealing she will be going back to her roots as an independent content creator. 

The talent company has seen multiple creators making the decision not to renew their contracts of late, with Silvervale and Veibae also making an exit from the group just days prior. 

Naynners announces leave from VShojo, goes back to indie streaming

In the latest announcement tweet, VShojo writes, “We’d like to inform you that Nyanners has decided not to renew her contract with VShojo. We fully support her decision and are grateful for her contributions to the growth of VShojo.” 

VShojo further revealed that just like Veibae and Silvervale, Nyanners will keep the IP of her character. Meaning she will be continuing to stream as the beloved Nyanners and not have to change.

Nyanners then tweeted in her own announcement of the leave, “I’ve decided not to renew my contract with VShojo and return to being an indie.

“This decision is my own and not a reflection of my relationship with any of the other members, and it is something I have been seriously deliberating for a while.”

Nyanners finally revealed that her streams will still continue as normal in the immediate future. “While this change likely comes as a surprise, it won’t change who I am, any of my content, or who I choose to collaborate with moving forward. My streams will continue as usual!” 

Other fellow VTubers have wished Nyanners a goodbye from VShojo. Ironmouse, one of the biggest VShojo creator’s replied in saying, “Love love love my sister Nyan and I wish her nothing but the best on her new Journey!”

As of now, this makes Nyanners the third VTuber who has decided to not re-sign their contract with VShojo in the past week, as many of the scene’s biggest stars are returning to indie streaming.

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