Phase Connect terminates Vtuber Fuura Yuri’s contract after “multiple breaches”

phase connect vtuber fuura yuri singing japanese cover of Super IdolPhase Connect

Phase Connect has announced the termination of vtuber Fuura Yuri’s contract, with the talent being found guilty of “multiple repeated breaches” of the contract.

In April 2022, Phase Connect revealed two new vtubers would be joining the agency, Kaneko Lumi and Fuura Yuri. These two would form Phase Invaders, a unique generation consisting of talents formerly contracted under Cyberlive.

Unlike most new agency talents, Lumi and Yuri were able to keep their old character and model rather than having to start over. Although rare there are instances of this happening with the most famous being Hoshimachi Suisei of Hololive.

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Yuri had been contracted under Phase Connect for just over a year but that journey has now come to an end.

Phase Connect cuts ties with Fuura Yuri after contract breaches

Announced on the official Phase Connect Twitter account, the vtuber agency has terminated Fuura Yuri’s contract. The decision was made following an investigation that found Yuri guilty of “multiple repeated breaches.”

The statement reads: “At Phase Connect, we take contractual matters very seriously. It has been discovered, investigated, and confirmed that there had been multiple, repeated breaches of the Phase Connect talent contract by Yuri in the past year she had been with us.”

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The notice confirms attempts were made to try and rectify the situation: “Upon the confirmation of these infractions, both the company and Yuri had gone to great lengths to remedy the situation. Unfortunately, we were unable to come to a mutual agreement.”

Following the termination, Yuri’s YouTube channel, Twitch, Discord server, and social media accounts will all be taken offline on May 1. Also, any available Yuri merchandise will no longer be purchasable after the end of the month.

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Phase Connect has given Fuura Yuri the opportunity to say goodbye to her fans. A final farewell video has been prepared by her and will be posted on her YouTube channel on April 30.

In March, another popular Vtuber, Zaion Lanza, was also terminated for breaching their contract with NISANJI EN.

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