VShojo members react to Silvervale and Veibae’s departure from the company

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In a move that shocked fans all around the world, beloved VTubers Silvervale and Veibae announced that they were leaving VShojo to do their own, independent work.

After a long chain of successful streams and an overall positive career, two renowned VTubers from VShojo’s cast have decided to step down from the company. Both Silvervale and Veibae have chosen to instead create content and stream independently.

Many fans were saddened by the news, while others expressed excitement for what possibilites the future may hold for the two content creators. Some also took to social media wondering how the VShojo cast itself had reacted.

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Many well-known names from the company stepped up to respond, sharing well-wishes and other thoughts on the matter of Silvervale and Veibae’s seemingly abrupt departure from VShojo.

Reactions from VShojo cast after Silvervale and Veibae leave

The VShojo company took to Twitter earlier today to announce the departure of Silvervale and Veibae. They Tweeted out that the two VTubers chose to not renew their contracts, meaning that they would be moving on from the team following the end of their previously signed agreements.

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VShojo stated that they respected the girls’ decisions, wishing them the best. They also clarified that the two VTubers would be allowed to retain their IPs, meaning that both Silvervale and Veibae can continue to create content under their established, well-known names.

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Fans responded quickly, speculating about why the two could possibly have stepped down or where their careers would gravitate following their time at VShojo. Silvervale and Veibae’s former VShojo team members themselves took to Twitter to respond.

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Kson stated that they would all “still be friends forever,” with Zentreya leaving a similarly wholesome response in which she wished the two VTubers well. Saying that they would go on to do “amazing things,” she wrote that she is wishing them “the best future.”

Apricot the Lich, better known as Froot, also responded to the situation by sharing that she is “devastated” the two were leaving VShojo but “will be happy for them wherever they choose to go.” Despite her kind words, many fans saw the Tweet as possibly back-handed.

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This is due to the drama that ensued between Froot and Silvervale after the latter had been harassed for playing Hogwarts Legacy. Regardless, it seems that the VShojo cast truly does mean the two VTubers well as they undertake their indie journeys as content creators.

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