Sidemen’s Hit Send card game: where to buy, how to play & more

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Sidemen members KSI, TBJZL, W2S and Behzinga holding new 'Hit Send' game

The Sidemen have revealed their own party game ‘Hit Send’, a “high-risk” game of text roulette. Here’s everything you need to know about the game, including where to buy it.

With an enormous following of 20 million subscribers on their collective channel, and millions more individually, the Sidemen are by far the biggest creators in the UK’s YouTube scene.

Over the last couple of years, the group has expanded beyond just YouTube, launching their own video platform Side+ — where fans can watch exclusive and behind-the-scenes content, and get other added benefits for a monthly fee.

Notably, the Sidemen have their own food and beverage brands too, establishing fried chicken restaurant chain ‘Sides‘, as well as their vodka brand XIX. Now, the YouTube stars have recently released their first game ‘Hit Send’.

What is the Sidemen’s Hit Send game?

The Sidemen have now ventured into creating their own “outrageously fun and dangerously social games.” Hot House Games, the developers behind their first game ‘Hit Send’ was co-founded by the YouTube group.

The Sidemen’s Hit Send game is fairly easy to wrap your head around. Players earn points by sending awkward and sometimes embarrassing messages to a recipient in their contacts chosen at random.

How to play the Sidemen’s ‘Hit Send’ game?

Each player gets five text cards and picks one letter and number card. If you pick the letter ‘S’ and the number ‘four’ for example, you’ll need to text your fourth contact with their name beginning with S.

Meanwhile, everyone else puts down a text card, where the ‘DM Don’ on the player’s right chooses which text will be sent to the recipient. Messages range from confessing your love with a simple “I love you” to a more obscene “Do you ever fantasize about me?” or “Just got with my cousin, is that legal?”

If the player sends the text they earn a point. An additional point is also earned if the recipient replies. However, if the player backs out, their opponent takes the point.

The first to win five cards is crowned the winner, known as the ‘Message Mogul’. Or you can take the win by being blocked by any recipient.

Where to buy the Sidemen’s Hit Send game?

The Sidemen’s Hit Send party game is available to purchase on Amazon. Alternatively, you can find it on the Hit Send website. Hit Send is perfect for adult parties, game nights, and as a gift for any Sidemen fan.

Be wary though, as you may find yourself facing a few awkward conversations with friends and family, or even your boss the day after.

“Hot House’s mission is to fill a gen-Z shaped void in the games industry with outrageously fun
and dangerously social entertainment.”

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