Sidemen banned from attending own restaurant opening due to massive crowds

SidesInstagram: Eatsides

The anticipated opening of one of the Sidemen’s new restaurants will not feature the group themselves, after the local authorities became concerned about the crowd size.

The Sidemen, one of the largest and most popular collectives on YouTube, have taken on their fair share of business ventures over the years.

While they have primarily focused on events like their Sidemen charity soccer matches, the group made their first foray into world of restaurants.

Sides, a fried chicken restaurant with two locations in the UK opening on November 18, is widely-anticipated by Sidemen fans. Unfortunately, the crew will not be there to see the fruits of their labor at one of those restaurants.

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Sidemen banned from opening of Sides in Merry Hill

On the Sidemen Instagram page, the group posted the unfortunate news that logistical issues will prevent them from making an anticipated surprise appearance at one of the two new Sides.

“The local authorities have forecast that an additional 10,000 people were planning to attend the opening of Sides, Merry Hill.

“The local authorities have concerns that the surrounding area will be unable to cope with this increased footfall. Under the threat of legal action being taken against Sides…we are honouring the local authority’s direct request.”

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The group also confirmed that they had planned to make a surprise appearance at the Merry Hill location, but they would still appear at the opening of their West Midlands appearance.

Plenty of fans expressed their disbelief that the authorities would be able to ban a group from going to their own business.

However, some fans in the comments weren’t sure if the Sidemen were being genuine in this declaration, with one saying “[t]hey deffo still will be there.”

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Fans who want some fried chicken can still check out Sides two locations opening on November 18.

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