Twitch streamer terrified after being attacked by own set-up


Twitch streamer Ryan ‘NorthernLion’ Letourneau was left terrified after being ‘attacked’ his own streaming set-up as pieces of soundproofing panels fell from his wall.

Streamers who opt against IRL [in-real life] streams that are on the go, and can be interrupted by any random stranger, don’t usually have too much to worry about. Make sure that the viewers are entertained, the internet connection is fine, and there’s nobody trying to kill the power, and you’ll be set.

However, anyone who tuned into NorthernLion, a streamer with over 340,000 followers on Twitch and 806,000 YouTube subscribers, may have seen that there are plenty of hilarious dangers when streaming from your own home.  

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northernlionNorthernLion is a popular content creator on both Twitch and YouTube

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During his November 14 stream, the variety streamer had been playing Sparklite, a top-down action-adventure title, and talking to his chat about the game, when he quickly had to dodge his falling microphone.

“Woah!” he called out, while quickly re-adjusting his equipment and laughing about what had just happened. For any viewer who was confused by what had unfolded, the streamer quickly showed a piece of his soundproofing wall panel that had tumbled down.

“I got so scared,” he added, before placing the panel back up on the wall. “I just saw like this enormous square fall, I thought it fell from the ceiling!” 

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While he tried to move on with the game, the streamer’s chat couldn’t help but laugh about what they’d seen, mocking his use of glue. 

In fact, he even tried to analyze his own performance by re-watching the clip. “The reflexes are so on point though!” NorthernLion noted after finishing his laughing spree.

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Thankfully, though, the content creator was able to carry on with his broadcast without any further attacks while his chat continued to joke about what they had seen. 

As a precaution, however, he and other streamers might want to consider some stronger glue for these panels, just so they aren’t ducking and dodging falling equipment.

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