Shroud host causes streamer to freak out and wake up parents

Twitch star Michael ‘Apex Legends player at a loss for words when he decided to send his 20,000 strong viewer count to their channel. 

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When it comes to streaming on Twitch, there aren’t many bigger names than shroud. The former Counter-Strike professional dominates the viewer charts on a daily basis as he racks up wins and highlights in whatever game he plays.

That was no different during his October 18 stream as he ran riot in Apex Legends. Before he got off for the night, though, he decided to spread the love to another streamer – CLG’s NiceWigg – by setting them up with an insane viewer host.

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Twitch: shroudOnly Ninja and Tfue have more followers on Twitch than Shroud.

After shroud sent 20,000 viewers over to the smaller streamer’s channel, they were immediately stunned and couldn’t believe what was happening. “I’m freaking out, I’m freaking the f**k out dude, oh my god”. Instead of thanking the former CSGO pro right away, he decided to do something else – wake up his mom. 

“I got to go wake up my mom,” he said jumping off-screen and bringing her to the camera. “Come, come and check this out – twenty thousand people, wait, come say hi,” NiceWigg added, before hugging his mom and jumping up and down with her in an adorable moment of celebration.

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“Thank you shroud, thank you so fu**ing much man, I didn’t even think you knew I existed bro, oh my god dude,” the streamer continued.

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His celebrations weren’t finished there, though, as he immediately turned his attention back to his mother so they could share another heartfelt moment. 

“I love you, I love you,” NiceWigg repeated while embracing her with another hug. “I’m not getting off tonight!”

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The streamer wasn’t lying, either, as he carried on with his broadcast for a few more hours in front of a bigger audience than normal. 

It isn’t the first time that shroud has used his massive audience to change a small streamer’s day – he’s directed them towards charity streams and left other small streamers in tears before

Yet, it’s another incredible example of the power he holds on Twitch and how he can changes things with the touch of a few buttons.

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