Shroud's hilarious GTA RP fail shows why you should always wear a seatbelt

Connor Bennett

Twitch star Michael ‘shroud’ Grzesiek was given a shock after his Grand Theft Auto RP session bugged out, sending him flying out of his car and towards certain death.

GTA RP, a multiplayer mod for the PC version of Rockstar Games’ uber-popular GTA V title, sprung to popularity on Twitch back in March of 2019, with a number of top streamers jumping onboard. Unlike the normal GTA Online action, players take control of an NPC character from the Los Santos backdrop and act out whatever they want – provided its within the rules and limitations of the games.

After a few months on top, the mod’s popularity began to shrink after streamers like Jaryd ‘Summit1g’ Lazar aired constant frustrations, but popular broadcasters have returned. Even shroud is trying to make his mark, but he’s had significantly more bad luck than others. 

Twitch: shroudShroud has dabbled in GTA RP action but not as heavily as other streamers.

During his second stream from August 14, the former CS:GO professional took his Richard Hard persona around Los Santos to get to know a few of the regular characters. Eventually, he found himself itching to buy a car and sought out something stylish and fast.

He was allowed to take a Sultan for a test drive and decided to floor it once he hit the freeway. “Go for it. Wear your seatbelt and don’t kill us,” stated the car saleswoman as shroud revved up. However, the pair hilariously struck bad luck as a glitch caused a car to spawn in-front of them – completely wiping them out. 

Of course, the whole exchange left shroud in laughter as he fell about his camera with his hysterical outbursts – even though he had to seek medical help in-game.

“What he a joke! Oh my god!” he screamed, after rolling away from his mic and moving out of his camera shot by laughing. 

A few calls to the in-game rescue services followed, but nobody came to help him after his incredible accident. Thankfully, shroud was able to get the medical help he needed whenr the saleswoman picked him and gave him a ride to the hospital.

After getting checked out by the doctors, shroud continued his test drive and managed to avoid any more hiccups, despite the game throwing even more glitches his way with cars continuing to crash and float through the floor. 

It remains to be seen as to how long streamers like shroud stick around the GTA RP scene this time around, especially if he runs into even more glitches.

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