Shroud provides injury updates in first Twitch stream since scooter accident

Matt Porter

Popular Twitch streamer Michael’ shroud’ Grzesiek has returned to the popular broadcasting site for the first time since undergoing elbow surgery following a scooter accident.

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Shroud revealed on Monday, March 11 that he had been involved in an accident while riding his scooter. The streamer was taken to the emergency room, and underwent surgery on Wednesday, March 13 to assess the damage sustained to his left elbow.

While many thought this injury would see Grzesiek take time away from Twitch, the former CS:GO pro returned to the streaming platform on Thursday, March 14, and provided his fans and viewers with updates on his condition, the accident and his road to recovery.

Shroud (Twitter)
Shroud damaged his left elbow in a scooter accident.
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In his first stream back, shroud went into detail surrounding the accident, which saw the Canadian fall off his scooter.

“I was probably going like 40 or 50,” Grzesiek told his viewers. “I slammed on the breaks and I flew over the handlebars. I probably flew like 10 or 15 feet. I was in the air and everything went into slow motion, it was kinda cool, I purposely shifted my whole body to land on my left side. My whole left side is road rash and busted up, I didn’t land on my head, I kept my head up.”

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Following the accident, shroud underwent surgery to clear out his his left elbow and to assess the damage sustained in the accident. Grzesiek states he will likely have to undergo more operations over the next six weeks.

Grzesiek told his stream: “I have an appointment set up with my surgeon next week, and then he’s going to take a look at it, evaluate it and then do the next surgery. He told me there’s a chance of a second surgery too because I broke a lot of bones, they might have to put a plate in there. So this is my life for the next six weeks.

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While shroud’s fans were ecstatic to see the streamer back so soon after his injury, not everyone was impressed with his choices, with housemate and former CS:GO pro Justin ‘Just9n’ Ortiz shouting “Come on man, what are you doing?” at the streamer when he caught him playing Apex Legends.

“What man? I’m bored. I might need to change the keybinds but look, I’m flying,” said Shroud. Just9n still wasn’t happy though, telling Grzesiek: ”I don’t agree with this at all, I’m actually kind of mad. I’m mad at you.”

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While shroud’s left arm may have been injured in the accident, it hasn’t stopped the streamer from impressing in Apex Legends, racking up kills in the game even in his current state.

The streamer recently reached the 100,000 subscriber milestone, so it’s no surprise that he wanted to keep the momentum on his channel going despite his unfortunate accident.