Shroud reacts to Twitch scammers impersonating him after Mixer move

Mixer: shroud / Twitch / Pixabay

Former CSGO pro Michael ‘shroud’ Grzesiek explained why he isn’t able to do anything about scammers impersonating him on Twitch now that he’s left for Mixer during his broadcast on December 1.

Shroud is one of the most dominate FPS streamers in the world with his skills earning him the nickname ‘human aimbot.’ The popular personality turned the industry on its head when he signed exclusively to Mixer back in October.

However, since leaving for the Microsoft platform, there have been scammers on Twitch impersonating the streamer, and using his name to sell goods to viewers.

During his recent broadcast, the former CSGO pro opened up to his audience why he doesn’t care about those pretending to be him, and explained how there isn’t anything he can really do about it.

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Twitch: @shroudThe Mixer star explained why he can’t do anything about impersonators on Twitch.

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Shroud’s Twitch impersonator

The popular personality was in the middle of a stream when someone in his chat informed him that there was a scammer on Twitch impersonating him, and selling viewers CSGO skins.

After his partner ‘bnans’ confirmed it, the Mixer star replied to her. “Someone is pretending to be me, and selling skins?” he asked. “What? How do they have so many viewers?!”

Still in disbelief after being unable to find the channel in question himself, shroud exclaimed, “There’s no way. It’s got to be banned by now. They probably got banned!”

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The Mixer star stated “It’s not my fault!” before he explained how there is nothing he can do about it as he is no longer on the platform. “It’s out of my control!”

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When his stream partner asked him if he still wanted to know about those scamming, he stated, “No. They will get banned. There is nothing I can do personally.”

Shroud then elaborated, and said that he didn’t think that most of his fans would fall for it anyways: “I just, I dunno. I don’t think anyone really falls for that sh*t.”

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“As f*cked up as it is, I’m in the mentality that if someone truly gets scammed by a name that’s not even me, that’s a lesson learned,” he went on.

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The streamer then clarified his tough love stance. “We’ve all been scammed before,” he stated as he continued to be bewildered by the whole thing. The scammer had over 1,000 viewers at one point before they were banned.

Shroud finished with some closing thoughts on the whole thing: “Takes a couple scams to get learned. I mean to get f*cking taught!”

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Despite scammers impersonating him and selling skins, the former CSGO pro doesn’t seem that worried about it as clamping down on it seems to be an issue with Twitch.

Since moving to Mixer, the streamer has already seen success as his account already has over 850k followers as of the time of this article, as thousands tune in to see his FPS skills.

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