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Shroud explains why he’s being more picky about sponsorships he accepts

Published: 26/Aug/2021 15:46 Updated: 26/Aug/2021 16:20

by James Busby


Michael ‘shroud’ Grzesiek is certainly no stranger to the world of sponsorship deals, but the popular streamer will now be changing the way he works with them. 

Just like any big personality, the world’s most popular streamers often get the opportunity to receive sponsorship deals from various companies. Not only do these deals offer a financial incentive, but they also enable streamers to work with some incredibly unique brands. Michael ‘shroud’ Grzesiek is just one personality who is very familiar with sponsorship deals.

In fact, the FPS pro is currently sponsored by Logitech and J!nx. Both these brands are well-known in the gaming community, particularly amongst those that purchase the latest electronics and gaming merchandise. However, shroud is now looking at changing the way he works with ‘traditional’ sponsorships. 


Shroud on sponsorship deals

Shroud Logitech
Shroud is currently sponsored by Logitech and J!nx.

“We’re trying to work a little differently with sponsors,” explained shroud. “I’m trying to find more sponsors that I really, really care for and I want to work together with them. Almost have some equity in their company.”

Sponsorship deals often require the streamer to post about the product/game via social media, promote it in videos, and include links in their streams. While this is incredibly common for Twitch’s biggest stars, shroud is now looking to change the way he works with new sponsors. 

“I’m trying to find [places like] coffee companies, PC companies,” said shroud. “I don’t know, it’s more authentic, it’s more real. This is something that you have ownership of and it’s not just like a one-year contract and that’s it.” 


It certainly seems that shroud wants to be more active in his interactions with sponsors going forward, and aims to work with a wide variety of companies. Setting up sponsorship deals is obviously something that takes a lot of time, but the eagle-eyed FPS streamer remains optimistic.

Whether we’ll soon have shroud-themed coffee mugs remains to be seen, but one can certainly hope!