Shroud hits insane viewer numbers on first Mixer stream

Joe Craven

Popular streamer Michael ‘shroud’ Grzesiek is already hitting incredible viewer numbers on his first Mixer stream, following his surprise move to Microsoft’s streaming platform

Shroud has become the second of Twitch’s biggest names to make the leap over to Mixer, following in the footsteps of streaming superstar Tyler ‘Ninja’ Blevins. Both men hold numerous Twitch records, but have transitioned over to Mixer after being approached exclusively by the platform. 

Grzesiek announced the transition on October 24, before debuting on Mixer later that same day. Now, thanks to, we are able to get more of an insight into the incredible numbers he managed to pull in, just a few hours after making the announcement. have combined with Lightstream to bring the latest figures with regards shroud’s viewers and followers on Mixer, as he hopes the majority of his Twitch audience will follow him to its biggest rival. 

For comparative purposes, it’s important to consider averages for shroud when he was streaming on Twitch. Thanks to Lightstream, we can see that he averaged between 15,000 and 40,000 concurrent viewers, depending on the game he was playing – with CS:GO, the game where he made his name, being more popular than others.

LightstreamShroud’s Twitch stats are incredibly impressive.

Lightstream shows that, even before he had played a minute of a game, he had 240,000 followers on Mixer. The fact that a quarter of a million followed him so quickly highlights his standing as one of the most popular streamers of all time. 

Despite some struggles getting into a Modern Warfare lobby, he peaked at 78,000 viewers during his time on the latest CoD installment. While playing CoD, he averaged a whopping 67,000 viewers, highlighting the interest in both shroud and Modern Warfare. 

LightstreamShroud’s mixer stats show just how loyal his fanbase is.

While impossible to state that we’ll see the numbers stay the same, the incredible transition highlights how popular shroud is with his fans, and that Twitch’s time as the undisputed streaming service could be under threat. 

Shroud later thanked his fans for their support and loyalty, referring to the stream as “incredible”. 

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