Sheri Nicole shuts down Monty Lopez’s call to “reconcile” as he’s spotted with Renne Ash

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Sheri Nicole hits back after Monty Lopez seen with Renne Ash again

Addison Rae’s mom, Sheri Nicole, is taking shots at ex-husband Monty Lopez after he was spotted out with 25-year-old influencer Renne Ash once again.

The family drama between Addison Rae’s parents has entered another jaw-dropping chapter after Monty Lopez was spotted hanging out with Renne Ash again.

For those out of the loop, Addison Rae isn’t exactly on good terms with her parents. The issues started after it was thought that Lopez was cheating on Sheri Nicole when he was exposed by Instagram influencer Renne Ash, who posted a slew of affectionate pics she’d taken with Monty.

According to a statement from Renne, she was under the impression that he and Sheri were separated and in the process of making their breakup permanent.

renne ash exposes monty lopez instagram
Instagram user ‘renne.ash’ uploaded photos of herself and Lopez kissing, saying she was “thoroughly embarrassed” by the situation.

“Unfortunately, he misled me on his marriage, he lied to me,” Ash said to PageSix. “He even introduced me to his mom, his youngest brother, and I thought we had something real. He told me a story of his marriage that convinced me that they were apart and in the process of getting a divorce.”

Monty Lopez spotted with Renne Ash again

It looked as though this couple was officially over after Renne’s damning statements took over social media — especially when Lopez seemed to move on to influencer Ava Louise.

However, Lopez was recently spotted out with Renne Ash once again at several locations including Soho House West Hollywood and Hotel Bel-Air.

“It was like they were meeting to talk, to talk through everything that’s happened since word got out about their relationship,” sources claimed via Daily Mail. “Monty seemed really paranoid and it was clear he didn’t want to be recognized and he was nervous about being out with Renee in public.”

This latest news comes after Lopez made comments about “reconciling” with his family, saying in a statement to the Hollywood Fix, “I’m sure, we reconcile every day as a family. That doesn’t break apart anything. Maybe we’re not happy with each other but at the end of the day, we’re still all family so it’s gonna work out.”

It doesn’t look like Sheri is interested in making up, though, after he was seen hanging out with Renne Ash. She posted a pointed tweet on September 16, writing a very possible response to the matter: “Let it go and don’t you dare look back.”

That’s not all; Sheri posted another tweet shortly thereafter, saying that she can “move on quickly if I feel like you are playing games with me.”

For now, it doesn’t look like any reconciliation will be happening between these estranged spouses as Addison Rae continues to distance herself from her family amid the “mortifying” drama.

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