Monty Lopez spotted kissing TikTok star Ava Louise, gets roasted by Yung Gravy

Monty Lopez kisses Ava Louise Yung Gravy beefTikTok: montylopez / Instagram: montylopez, avalouiise

Addison Rae’s dad, Monty Lopez, posted a TikTok video of himself smooching influencer Ava Louise… but rival Yung Gravy wasn’t exactly impressed.

The beef between TikTok-famous dad Monty Lopez and American rapper Yung Gravy continues to take some unexpected twists and turns, but no one saw this particular moment coming.

For those out of the loop, Addison Rae’s dad — Monty Lopez — was caught purportedly cheating on his wife, Sheri Easterling, this summer.

Once this info came out, rapper Yung Gravy publicly flirted with Easterling in a podcast and a very pointed TikTok video, saying “has a thing for MILFs,” and even claimed that he and Sheri Easterling were “going on a date soon.” (Gravy has since stated that he and Sheri are now officially “involved.”)

Lopez wasn’t too fond of this flirtation toward his wife and challenged Gravy to a boxing match, which the rapper politely declined.

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It seems as though Lopez isn’t letting this particular feud go, as he had an unexpected jab toward Gravy that came in the form of a TikTok video uploaded on August 21, 2022.

In the video, 46-year-old Lopez posed with twenty-something internet star Ava Louise at a charity fundraiser basketball game. The two then shared a quick smooch — a kiss that sent the internet into a tizzy.

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Amid the outraged comments beneath Lopez’s video, Yung Gravy gave his response, saying: “My boy going high school gym teacher mode on ’em.”

“Shut up and show up,” Lopez replied.

monty lopez yung gravy tiktok beefTikTok: montylopez, yunggravy

Sources told Dexerto that Gravy had apparently been in Ava Louise’s DMs “all week,” which likely prompted Lopez’s sudden, smoochy clapback toward the ‘Betty’ rapper.

Ava Louise is an influencer with nearly half a million followers on Instagram. She’s best known for her appearance in a video that went viral in 2020, where she notably licked a toilet seat as part of a failed internet ‘challenge.’

Ava Louise responds to viral TikTok kissing Monty Lopez

Ava Louise has since posted a TikTok video responding to the drama surrounding her smooch with Lopez, which she stitched with another clip of a TikToker saying she was going to be “Addison Rae’s new step mom.”

“This is going to be the most awkward family Thanksgiving of my life,” Ava said. “I was not prepared to be a mother at only 24 but I will do my best for my new daughter. I love you already @addisonre.”

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This particular comment is only rubbing salt in the wound, as Louise also notably hit on TikTok star Bryce Hall back when he was dating Addison Rae. (Rae wasn’t exactly happy about that particular flirtation, at the time).

It looks as though things have come full-circle… but it still doesn’t seem likely that Gravy will ever put on the boxing gloves to settle this feud with Monty in the ring, although he is “extremely excited” about a possible diss track from the TikTok dad.