Shane Dawson responds to angry fans after delaying second ‘Conspiracy’ episode - Dexerto

Shane Dawson responds to angry fans after delaying second ‘Conspiracy’ episode

Published: 7/Feb/2019 21:05 Updated: 7/Feb/2019 21:42

by Virginia Glaze


Popular YouTuber Shane Dawson is hitting back at angry fans, after delaying the second episode of his ongoing ‘Conspiracy’ documentary series.

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Dawson published a tweet addressing the issue on February 4, where he explained his reasoning for pushing the episode back.

“Just a reminder that both parts are an hour and 45 minutes each,” Dawson wrote. “Made by two guys. Uploaded for free. And I probably won’t post for another couple months, so I’m more than happy to take extra time to make it great. The amount rude tweets I’m getting is insane.”

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Dawson had originally stated that the second episode would be released on Wednesday, February 6.

However, he later rescinded the statement, claiming that he and boyfriend Ryland Adams wanted to add more content to the video.

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While Dawson pushed the video back to Friday, February 11, he has since teased a possible release date of Friday, February 8, in a response to Drama Alert’s Daniel ‘KEEMSTAR’ Keem – depending on how far along he gets with the editing process.

Dawson’s first episode in the series was demonetized within the first few hours of its release on January 30, due to showing footage of a controversial ‘Bird Box’ challenge video.


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While many speculated that the demonetization may have been due to YouTube’s new stance against ‘conspiracy’ content, the site later admitted that it was a mistake, due to its automatic review system.

Dawson himself recognized the danger in uploading such content in a Tweet responding to the debacle, claiming that such accidents are merely “the risk of being into this dark shit.”