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Shane Dawson rumored to have lost thousands after ‘Conspiracy Series’ gets demonetized

Published: 31/Jan/2019 20:41 Updated: 31/Jan/2019 20:51

by Virginia Glaze


Popular YouTuber Shane Dawson unveiled his new ‘Conspiracy’ series on January 30, much to the delight of his fanbase.

While the first installment of the series already boasts over nine million views as of January 31, Dawson’s long-awaited documentary received the yellow dollar sign from YouTube – and he may have lost thousands due to the demonetization.

Fans took notice of the issue shortly after the first episode went live, noting that its previous advertisements had been completely removed from the video altogether.

While YouTube’s new algorithm could be to blame for the debacle (as the platform recently cracked down on recommendations for ‘conspiracy’ content), it so happens that Dawson used footage of a dangerous prank, which spurred the site’s automatic review system.

However, YouTube has since reviewed the issue, concluding that nothing was inherently wrong with his inclusion of the footage as he was merely discussing pranks – not directly promoting them.

“Sometimes we get it wrong when determining whether a video is suitable for advertising, so we encourage creators to appeal for a review if they think there’s been an error,” YouTube said of the issue. “We work quickly to restore advertising as soon as we’re made aware of a mistake.”

The Verge figured that Dawson may have lost over $14 thousand in AdSense during the 12 hour window in which his video went demonetized – although their numbers are up for debate, considering the success of Dawson’s other projects.

Dawson himself spoke on the debacle via Twitter, writing, “Oh yeah. I’ve never made money on my conspiracy videos and I’ve had some removed. It’s the risk of being into this dark shit, I guess!”


6th Tony Lopez accuser comes forward amid his return to TikTok

Published: 31/Oct/2020 19:10

by Charlotte Colombo


A new accusation concerning Tony Lopez’s behaviour with minors has now gone viral, with TikTok user Noah claiming a 15-year-old girl has given him permission to share her account.

With accusations about Lopez building momentum across social media, the former Hype House star has continued to try and carry on with life as normal.

He recently returned to TikTok, creating dance videos and sharing day-to-day snapshots of his life, but it seems like his former fans are unwilling to let him forget accusations that easily.

TikToker Angry Reactions recently accused Lopez of deleting a comment he made regarding the accusations in one of his videos, while fellow Hype House member Larray referenced the claims in his highly-controversial diss track, ‘Canceled.’

larray youtube
YpuTube: Larray
Larray recently became embroiled in the situation after mentioning Lopez in his new track ‘Canceled’.

This led to Lopez hitting out at content creators for “using this situation for likes,” with TikTok Room later reporting that Tony Lopez liked a comment by a user criticising fans for “not letting [the situation] go.”

However, TikTok user Noah – who recently hit out at Larray ‘lying’ about contacting Tony Lopez’s accusers – has now uploaded a TikTok which he claims is part of his aim to help “victims that were groomed by Tony Lopez get their story out.” The full video was shared by drama account TikTok Insider.

Identifying the girl only as Valencia, Noah says that at the time of the incident with Lopez, she was only fifteen. He also points out that she had made a video about the claims before, but was accused of lying.

He explains that after her friend sent a message to Lopez as a joke, he responded and they started a conversation, with him quickly inviting her over to the Hype House that same night.

Implicating fellow TikToker Tayler Holder into the accusations, Noah claims that he was the one who answered the door and let Valencia into the house.

tayler insta
Instagram: Tayler Holder
It is alleged that Tayler Holder answered the door to the minor when Lopez invited her to the Hype House.

“I can’t go into detail about what happened or this video will be taken down, but things did happen,” Noah said.

Noah also pointed out that he sent Valencia messages about wanting to have a threesome, which he argues is consistent with the way he spoke to the other accusers.

noah tiktok defnoodles twitter
TikTok: Noah @SWITCHIN4U/Twitter: DefNoodles
Noah also showed evidence of alleged messages Lopez sent the minor.

He also notes that the Snapchat account that sent the message is visually consistent with Lopez’s private Snapchat account that he has allegedly contacted other minors on.

Neither Lopez nor Holder has spoken out publicly about these claims. There is also information to suggest that Lopez will be prosecuted based on this latest allegation.