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Shane Dawson drops new teaser for upcoming mysterious YouTube docuseries

Published: 9/Jan/2019 2:00 Updated: 9/Jan/2019 2:20

by Wyatt Donigan


After teasing his next docuseries for weeks, Shane Dawson has dropped another mysterious hint giving fans a look at what’s in store for the YouTuber’s next creation. 

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Shane Dawson has risen to popularity over the last year with popular documentary series centered on the YouTube’s biggest and most controversial figures, including Jeffree Star, Tana Mongeau, and, most recently, Jake Paul. 

For his next docuseries, though, it looks was though Dawson is taking a much different angle to bring his fans something they haven’t seen ever before. 

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While Dawson has previously teased projects with the likes of Justin Bieber, he has since confirmed that his next project will be “out of this world.”


He’s been Tweeting triangle emojis hinting at something related to conspiracy theories and on January 8, he finally gave fans an official look at what’s coming soon, complete with spooky music to fit the theme of his new series. 

If that wasn’t enough, Dawson followed the video up with another Tweet saying that he has “a 2 hour and 20 [minute] video” with another “3 hours of footage” on his cameraman’s computer.

“I have no idea how many videos [or] how long they are gonna be,” Dawson tells his followers on Twitter. “Bring A LOT of snacks.” 

If Dawson’s last docuseries centered around Jake Paul is any indication, viewers could certainly be in for quite the long ride. 


While his series on Tana Mongeau’s infamous Tanacon was only three episodes long, his subsequent series on Jeffree Star (5 episodes) and Jake Paul (8 episodes) have gotten progressively longer each outing. 

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Given that this new series looks to be centered around various conspiracy theories, it doesn’t seem as though he’ll reach the same lengths as previous series, but time will tell just how long it ends up being. 

Outside of this quick video, though, Dawson gave no indication of when the newest series would be out, meaning fans will have to wait a bit longer for more announcements.