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Could we see a Shane Dawson documentary on Justin Bieber?

Published: 1/Nov/2018 14:41

by Calum Patterson


Following the conclusion of his immensely popular documentary series on Jake Paul, Shane Dawson has set his sights on Justin Bieber for his next project.

So far, Dawson’s ‘docu-series’ have focused solely on the weird and wonderful lives of some of YouTube’s biggest stars, Jake Paul, Tana Mongeau and Jeffree Star, but is now setting his ambit wider. 

His documentary on Jake Paul was split into eight parts, all around 40 minutes in length, with the final episode running 1 hour and 45 minutes, so it was a truly massive undertaking.

But it reaped the rewards, as the series has a total view count for all episodes of over 140 million, beating out even some top Netflix and ABC shows.

With such reach, it is really no surprise that he is going after stars who can match that level of influence, stars like Justin Bieber.

Although he doesn’t explicitly state he wants to do a full documentary or series on Justin Bieber, he sent the following Tweet asking if he would take the time to discuss “a project i’d love to do with u that my heart is super invested in.”

As of yet, Bieber has not responded to Dawson’s request, at least not publicly, but the potential for a documentary focused on the pop star certainly isn’t out of reach.

Bieber’s own career started on YouTube, it was how he was discovered by various record label A&R’s and mainstream artists, and his music videos were some of the first to go truly ‘viral’ on YouTube, boosting his career once more.

If Bieber still sees that connection to the website which originally gave him the platform to be discovered, perhaps he will be more open to this ‘project’ with Shane Dawson that some may think.


Streamers slam Twitch over new ‘Celebrations’ feature taking 50% of tips

Published: 24/Oct/2020 12:44

by Connor Bennett


Twitch have sparked controversy after testing their new ‘Celebrations’ feature again as they’ve begun ‘targeting’ donations – with a reported 50/50 split.

Plenty of Twitch viewers are desperate to get involved with their favorite streamer – either simply as an active member of chat or someone who supports the stream with their own money.

This typically comes through subbing to a channel, by purchasing bits from Twitch itself, or donating through a StreamLabs link. The first two of these options support both Twitch and the streamer as each party receives a cut of the money.

Donations, however, all go through to the streamer, usually through third parties like StreamLabs and PayPal, and Twitch doesn’t get a cut of those. That could be set to change with their new Celebrations feature – though it has sparked backlash.

TwitchViewers can support their favorite streamers through features like Bits.

The feature in question was being tested back in June, with subscriptions and bits kicking off an on-screen celebration animation which usually came in the form of fireworks.

However, with Twitch testing the feature again, streamer Zach Bussey noted that they are now targeting donations through Celebrations as streamers can set a donation amount that will trigger the animations. 

On top of this, Bussey noted that the split for these Celebration donations is set at 50/50 and says it’s being pushed “hard” as the button to trigger it has been placed prominently between the follow and subscribe buttons. 

With the news of the feature quickly spreading on social media, a number of streamers took aim at Twitch’s 50/50 split on the donations. 

“Thank f**k I can opt out, lol” tweeted streamer Vio, while others like ShannonZKiller and NeonDan urged their fellow creators and viewers to not use the feature if it does become a permanent addition on Twitch.

Others have speculated that, like mandatory ads, Twitch could work the feature into partnered streamer’s contracts in order to make sure that the feature is being used, should it be pushed out to everyone.

However, the streaming giants are taking feedback on the feature’s test from their streamers, so it could be in for some tweaks before everyone is able to use it.