Shane Dawson and Ryland Adams reveal they’re pregnant with twins

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Shane Dawson and Ryland Adams expecting twin boys

YouTube star Shane Dawson and his husband Ryland Addams have announced they are expecting two boys via a surrogate. They shared their names and due dates in a sweet new video, documenting their journey to parenthood.

After having documented the start of having a baby through surrogacy, Shane Dawson, 34, and husband Ryland Adams, 32, have now announced they’re becoming dads of twins in January as their surrogate is pregnant.

The couple got married on January 3, 2023, after being together for 7 years. Throughout their relationship, especially in the past few years, the pair has been open about one day wanting to become parents

The couple had previously shared that they’d transferred two fertilized eggs to their surrogate in the hopes of having twins. They then left their fans hanging for six weeks, not giving any updates on how it went – until now.

Shane Dawson and Ryland Adams are expecting twin boys

In a video posted on July 6, Shane and Ryland excitedly tell fans that their surrogate is pregnant after receiving a photo of a positive pregnancy test sent to them by text from their surrogate.

Later in the video, the couple travel to Spokane, Washington, to attend the 6 week scan and to hear their babies’ heartbeats for the first time. This is also when it’s confirmed that they’re having twin boys, due on January 4, 2024.

Recapping what had happened during the appointment, Shane said he had been shocked that both embryos had survived the transfer. They both had one egg that had been fertilized and transferred to the surrogate, in the hopes to have two children who are biologically related to either Shane or Ryland.

Going through surrogacy and insemination, Shane and Ryland decided to bring their viewers and fans along on their journey. They also revealed that they’re expecting two sons, and already have names picked out – Jett Adams Yaw and Max Adams Yaw.

When babies are born through IVF, which is the process their surrogate is using, fertility doctors are able to identify XX or XY chromosomes in the embryo, making the gender selection nearly 100 percent accurate, so parents can choose the gender of their child, according to the Pacific Fertility Center of Los Angeles

Fans happy despite Shane’s controversial background

In June 2020, the internet turned against Shane when clips of him dressing in blackface, and making inappropriate jokes resurfaced. He also faced allegations of manipulation and even pedophilia.

Following the circulation of the clips, Shane shared an apology video on YouTube and disappeared from his online presence until the following year.

And while many social media users still have mixed feelings about his return to YouTube, many of them have congratulated him and Ryland on their baby news. 

Many fans said they were so happy to see him have ‘grown’ and that they were ‘excited’ for the couple.  

One person commented on the video, saying: “Oh my God you guys!!! Congrats! I’ve never been happier for anyone in my life! You both are going to be such great loving parents. Max and Jett are so blessed already.”

“I’m so EXCITED for them to go on this new journey as dads,” a second person wrote.

A third person said: “Been following Shane since the beginning. I can’t believe he’s going to be a DAD.”

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