Is Shane Dawson being investigated by police? Rumors surface about YouTuber

Alice Hearing
Shane Dawson on YouTube

A rumor that the Los Angeles Sheriffs Department is conducting a criminal investigation into Shane Dawson over allegations of pedophilia has seemingly been shut down by YouTube sleuths.

The YouTube community is swimming with discussion over whether the LASD has an open investigation into YouTuber Shane Dawson who recently lost more than 20 million subscribers following allegations of racism, manipulation, and even pedophilia.

On July 7, commentary YouTuber Sanders Kennedy posted a video claiming that he had spoken to the police department in Los Angeles who allegedly confirmed this. Kennedy also tweeted that “This is ‘Suspicious Circumstance Investigation’ meaning since no victims have come forward yet. That’s why they are asking for victims to come forward!”

Many fans responded with disbelief to Kennedy’s claims, with one commenting: “I’ve had to unsubscribe Sanders, sorry. This video doesn’t sit right with me. Personally, it feels like you’re doing this for your own gain, to be the first drama channel to have ‘exclusive tea’. This isn’t ‘tea’.”

But another commentary YouTuber, Def Noodles, wrote a Twitter thread that appears to disprove the hearsay. He wrote: “Shane Dawson is not being investigated by the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department, said Officer David Payne of the LASD. I spoke to 2 officers at LASD, including Officer Payne. The LASD does not have an official statement on the matter as there is no open investigation.

“The LASD received a 3rd Party complaint last week regarding Shane Dawson. No one has come forward with information since the complaint was made. LASD is suggesting anyone who may want to come forward to contact Officer David Payne at 323-526-5154.”

He then clarified that a 3rd party complaint meant that “without victims or anyone stepping forward with allegations there is nothing to investigate.”

YouTuber Repzilla also claimed to have called the police department on Twitter and said he had also spoken to another police station to verify. Repzilla concluded that there is no investigation into Shane or anyone under a related alias.

Repzilla tweeted that he thought the rumor was somewhat fabricated by Sanders Kennedy: “I have to believe that Sanders Kennedy allegedly submitted information to the tip line himself and this is how he got the Shane Dawson exclusive…”

Meanwhile, Keemstar has tweeted a supposed screenshot of a text conversation between him and Shane Dawson where Shane writes: “My attorney confirmed with the LA Sheriff’ office today that there is no open investigation.”

Despite this seemingly positive news for Shane Dawson, it doesn’t look as though the outrage over his past behavior will be going away any time soon.