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Scarra explains why police searched Offline TV house on stream

Published: 18/Jun/2020 19:51 Updated: 18/Jun/2020 21:04

by Virginia Glaze


Offline TV member and Twitch streamer William ‘Scarra’ Li’s June 17 broadcast was interrupted by a police officer searching his room — an alarming incident that he explained to worried fans shortly thereafter.

Scarra, best known for his former status as a League of Legends pro and his popular Twitch streams, found himself faced with an alarming scenario after police showed up to the Offline TV house in mid-June.

Fans were concerned after an armed officer was seen searching his room on camera and shining a flashlight around the surroundings, with many assuming the content house had been swatted.


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However, this was (thankfully) not the case as even he initially suspected, as Scarra explained to his audience after law enforcement had left the premises.

“Poki came in, called me upstairs, I went upstairs, cop with a gun [was] in our living room,” he explained. “The rest of the house was on the couch. So I immediately think we’re getting swatted. This is not fun.”

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According to the streamer, Pokimane’s Postmates driver had contacted police out of fear that the home had been broken into, as both Scarra and Fedmyster’s car had been broken into the night beforehand.


That’s not all; the crew had also left out a slew of packages on their front lawn, leading the delivery driver to believe the home had been, as Scarra relayed, “ransacked.”

Offline TV crew
offlinetvgg, Instagram
The Offline TV crew, pictured above, were shocked when law enforcement searched their home after being called to the premises by a concerned Postmates driver.

Luckily, Scarra’s story had a humorous and lighthearted ending, as the officers’ suspicions were quickly dashed after discovering the house members were merely “gamers.”

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“Because of the combination of stuff, they [police] came in and they were just like, ‘Is anyone dead here? Are you guys doing f**king weird s**t here?’” he continued. “[They] looked at all the rooms and they were just like, ‘Oh, you guys are gamers.’”


“It’s an interesting way to start the day,” he said of his car being broken into. “I’m happy nothing was wrong. I filed a report, and that’s it.”

Thankfully, all members of the Offline TV house are safe and sound, despite the concerning turn of events — as well as the fate of Scarra and Feds’ vehicles, which were also relatively undamaged.