Rust streamer’s mom goes nuts after he completes loud donation request - Dexerto

Rust streamer’s mom goes nuts after he completes loud donation request

Published: 9/Jan/2020 1:04 Updated: 9/Jan/2020 1:05

by Meg Bethany Koepp


A Twitch streamer faced the wrath of his mom after a loud donation request caused her to race into the room and force him to shut down his Rust broadcast.

Parents do a lot for their children, so it comes as no surprise that many want the favor to be returned with a little peace and quiet so they can relax and have time to themselves.

Unfortunately for streamer ‘jaredsnipedyou’ though, he found out what happens when that peace is disturbed after he was too loud when performing the will of a Twitch donator.

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Mom goes berserk

On January 8, Jared was playing a few matches of Rust when a $1 donator asked him to scream something really loud to annoy his mother. “Okay, it’s a dono, it’s a dono,” he said, before he got up out of his chair.


The streamer then proceeded to take his headset off and hang it over the back of the seat in order to protect viewers’ ears. “I’ve already done this like seven times today! I’ve been doubling it up!” he revealed, before he screamed incredibly loud and scrunched his fists up in triumph.

“Now we wait!” the 14-year-old said as he sat back down, and waited to see if his parent would complain, and right on cue, she burst into the room.

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“I know you think you’re funny screaming like that again, and you’ll be off your f**king computer for a month!” Jared’s mother exclaimed, as he smirked into the camera. 


“You think it’s funny? You wanna be off of it now?” she asked as he tried to contest. ”Give me your s**t now!”

His mom then proceeded to try and turn her son’s computer off. “You’re done for the night!” she said, as the streamer screamed. “Off! Now! I’m tired of this bulls**t with you that you think everything’s a joke, turn it off!”

Facepunch StudiosRust is a popular multiplayer survival game.

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If anything, this proves that parents should never be messed with, and when they say no means no, it should be taken as serious business.

Though as Jared’s Twitch bio states, it’s “all for fun” – which especially rings true for the viewers watching and donating to see his mom rage.