Roman Atwood explains stalker situation that ‘forced him off YouTube’

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Roman Brittney Atwood YouTube Video

After remaining mostly silent on YouTube and social media for the last year, superstar Roman Atwood and his wife Brittney revealed how they were forced to leave YouTube because of harassment from several dangerous stalkers.

Roman Atwood rose to prominence on YouTube through his hilarious prank videos and unique personality. Over the course of his content creation career, he amassed over 25 million subscribers across his two channels: RomanAtwood and Roman Atwood Vlogs.

While his original Roman Atwood channel – where he used to share hilarious pranks with his fans – has been inactive for more than four years, the YouTuber posted consistently on his second channel until December 31, 2019.

He would only post seven videos in 2020, one of which revealed his mother had passed away. After a year of infrequent uploads, Roman and his wife Brittney posted a video on January 23, 2021 and explained how they were forced off YouTube by the actions of several stalkers.

Roman Brittney Atwood YouTube Video 2
Roman Atwood released a 15-minute video explaining his absence from YouTube.

The creator started by confirming they would answer the question on everyone’s mind: “The super-obvious question is why have you guys literally disappeared.” He explained just how serious their absence from the platform was, “We’ve been on YouTube for 12 years, and for us to just vanish is serious.”

“We have left out of the fear of our life. We left because we had to leave,” he started. Atwood then revealed the reason for their absence, “We’ve been dealing with some extremely scary stalkers. I don’t mean the stalkers who call your phone.”

The YouTuber revealed that multiple individuals targeted his family with serious harassment. The stalkers’ actions included calling in a bomb threat to a family funeral, changing the family’s mailing address and car insurance policy, and sending pictures taken by their home security system to the family’s cell phones.

“The only thing that we could do was shut down and make sure our kids are safe,” Atwood explained. The stalkers also sent the family texts, Discord messages, and voicemails threatening bodily harm and death, even after changing their personal information multiple times.

“It’s the worst experience we’ve ever had in our life,” Atwood confirmed, and explained how the harassment went beyond anything they dealt with in the past. “The sad truth of all this is, this video could be an hour long. The amount of things these people have done to us is unbelievably long.”

“I think that there’s a bigger story to come,” he admitted, “But this is at least our way to move on.” Despite the fear and harassment the couple faced, Atwood also had plenty of positivity to share with his fans, and confirmed “There is light at the end of this tunnel.”

“There’s so many videos we can make just based on catching you up with our life, and I think that sounds really fun,” he shared. Atwood also had optimism for their future on YouTube, and confirmed he wants to “Bring the excitement back, really try to focus on fun again.”

Despite their struggles, the Atwood family appeared ready for their YouTube return and is excited to engage with their community again. “We’re so grateful,” Atwood thanked his fans repeatedly, “Beyond grateful for you. Here’s to a fresh start.”

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