Corpse Husband proves haters wrong as E-GIRLS song hits huge Spotify milestone

Corpse Husband and the Spotify logoYouTube: Corpse/Spotify

YouTube sensation Corpse Husband decided to dunk on those who doubted that his E-GIRLS song would do well on Spotify as it’s now on track to do over 100 million listens. 

Streamers and content creators who don’t show their face or reveal many personal details are nothing new, but there haven’t been as many who’ve had the same levels of success as Corpse Husband.

The YouTuber, who still hasn’t revealed his face or name, has blown up in recent months thanks to Among Us – with his games bringing together some of the biggest creators and celebrities around. 

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Aside from gaming, and reading creepy horror stories in his trademark deep voice, the YouTuber also makes music – and he’s on track to have ridiculous success on Spotify, despite there being plenty of doubters. 

Corpse Husband logo and Among UsYouTube: Corpse Husband
Corpse Husband hasn’t showed his face on YouTube just yet.

As of writing, Corpse’s song ‘E-GIRLS ARE RUINING MY LIFE!’ has racked up over 86 million streams on Spotify, and is well on track to hit the 100 million total in the next few weeks. 

With that, the mysterious YouTuber decided to take a victory lap and stick it in the face of the haters who doubted that the track would have any success. 

“I normally don’t care about number goals much, but that one means a lot to me because of how much I was told it’d do bad, not to do it & how much bullshit went on behind the scenes for the song to even come out,” he tweeted on his Corpse Alt account. 

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Corpse also used the figures to send love to his fans for having his back. “And it’s all thanks to you guys,” he added. “Believe me when I say you all REALLY shook the industry behind the scenes more than you know, and continue to.”