YouTuber Roman Atwood reveals major life update after extended hiatus

. 2 years ago
YouTube: Roman Atwood

Ultra-popular YouTube star Roman Atwood has finally returned to the platform after over seven months of inactivity — and he’s got a major life update to share with his viewers in wake of his hiatus.

Roman Atwood is one of YouTube’s most popular vloggers and family channels, boasting over 15 million subscribers thanks to the creative and hilarious antics he gets into with his wife and children.

However, the YouTuber went dark around a year ago, revealing to fans that his mother had passed away after falling off of a scooter at 80 years of age, hitting her head and “immediately losing all vitals.”

The tragic incident saw an outpouring of support from viewers and Atwood took an extended break from making content — a hiatus that he finally emerged from in August 2020 in two back-to-back videos.

In his first video of 2020, Atwood revealed that he wants to tell fans why he’d been gone for so long but explained that now isn’t the right time, but assured those worrying about him that both he and his family are completely healthy and safe.

His next video, however, brought forth a major update for the Atwood family: the upcoming introduction of a new addition to the clan.

YouTuber Roman Atwood and his wife, Brittney, show off her 4-month baby bump after revealing the good news!
YouTube: Roman Atwood
YouTuber Roman Atwood and his wife, Brittney, show off her 4-month baby bump after revealing the good news!

Roman and his wife, Brittney, revealed that they are purposefully holding off from learning the baby’s gender until its birth, which is scheduled to occur on New Year’s Eve.

“We wanted to be the first to tell you guys this,” Roman admitted, noting that a few “internet detectives” had already guessed their surprise. “We wanted to try to bring some joy into your world, as well.”

“It isn’t the reason that we left,” Brittney added. “We left long before I got pregnant.”

That’s not all; Atwood even revealed that they’d initially wanted to tease fans with a hint before uploading his previous vlog, but decided against it until they could make an official announcement.

Thus far, Brittney is 21 roughly weeks pregnant, meaning that the couple has about five months until they meet their new child; and it’s safe to say that fans are just as excited as they are, even if the reason for their hiatus is still up in the air.

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