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Rapper 6ix9ine claims he had a $15m fight deal for Austin McBroom’s Social Gloves

Published: 6/Aug/2021 22:27 Updated: 6/Aug/2021 23:02

by Virginia Glaze


YouTube star Austin McBroom is taking heat after fighters and talent claimed they weren’t paid for their time during the Battle of the Platforms — and it looks like rapper 6ix9ine could have been one of them.

With the hype surrounding influencer boxing at an all-time high, the time seemed ripe for two of the biggest social media platforms to go head to head to determine which site would come out on top.

Thus, the Battle of the Platforms was born, pitting 14 YouTubers and TikTokers against each other for an event that saw some serious celebrity talent performing on June 12.


However, the event came under fire almost immediately thereafter, with influencers claiming they hadn’t been compensated for their time in the ring for amounts ranging into the millions.

Poster for Battle of the Platforms
Instagram: livexlive
Battle of the Platforms reportedly lost $10 million dollars in spite of huge investments from the likes of NBA star James Harden.

This has resulted in a string of lawsuits between streaming platform LiveXLive and Austin McBroom’s Social Gloves, with McBroom being sued for $100 million. LiveXLive claimed that working with the YouTuber was “chaos,” calling the projected compensation for the fighters “senseless.”

It looks like McBroom reached out to a few huge names in the business to make the event as big as it could be — including rapper 6ix9ine, who opened up about the offer during an episode of DJ Akademiks’ Off The Record podcast.


According to the rapper, Social Gloves offered him $15 million for a purported fight deal, seemingly, with his rival and fellow artist Blueface. Unfortunately, it looks like that just wasn’t enough dough for 6ix9ine to accept a chance to finally put their beef to the test.

austin mcbroom yters vs tiktokers
YouTube: The ACE Family
The ACE Family’s Austin McBroom took home the W against Bryce Hall on June 12 – but he’s taking an L over allegations of not paying his fighters weeks after the fact. McBroom claims that LiveXLive is responsible for not paying out their fighters.

“Blueface is a nobody!” 6ix9ine argued. “Aye, didn’t I say — yo, what was that company called? Social Gloves. They said, ‘Yo, we got $15 million.’ I said, ‘Yo listen, make it 20, and they can make it happen.'”

“That white boy has that demographic that Jake Paul got,” he continued, seemingly referring to Austin McBroom. “I would do it with him. Blueface don’t got that demographic.”


With the two rappers beefing back and forth regarding a potential fight, it seems like whatever promoter who wants them to face off will have to pony up a serious amount of cash for 6ix9ine to even consider the bout.