Ranboo beats jschlatt, Spifey, BadBoyHalo to get on NYC billboards in Times Square

Bill Cooney

After racking up more than 200,000 likes on a Twitter reply, Minecraft streamer Ranboo was featured front and center on a billboard in New York City’s Times Square.

On June 13 a the Social AR Platform ARKH put out a tweet that said they would throw whichever reply managed to get the most likes up on a billboard in Times Square.

After Ranboo replied with a gif of his in-game character in a heart-shaped locket, Minecraft stans put their weaponized social media capabilities to work and racked up around 250,000 likes in just a few hours, which was more than enough to dominate the competition.

On the morning of Sunday, June 20, after beating out other content creators like jschlatt, Spifey, and BadBoyHalo, Ranboo tweeted the full billboard to the world, but just a simple sign it was not.

Instead, anywhere up to five screens at once were displaying the streamer’s tweet, as well as his Minecraft character in one form or another, so Ranboo can actually say he really did “take over Times Square,” at least for a bit.

“FANTASTIC DAY FOR THE RANBOO COMMUNITY” the Minecraft creator triumphantly tweeted when the billboards went live, and a fantastic day it was, as he officially joined Corpse Husband in the very exclusive club of having his online persona blasted over one of the busiest intersections in the U.S.

If you remember, back in March of 2021, Corpse also managed to get his own billboard in Times Square through a competition run by GymShark, and, like Ranboo, he was also featured on a variety of screens around the street.

Of course, Ranboo’s loyal community lost their minds seeing their favorite streamer up in lights, with some even making the pilgrimage to see the digital apparition for themselves in person.


Ranboo’s one of the most famous members of the Dream SMP Minecraft server, other than Dream himself of course, and based on the amount of community support he was able to muster in just a few hours, it doesn’t seem like his star will start to fade anytime soon.