Racist “Karen” abuses Asian driver as car accident gets violent

Michael Gwilliam
karen abuses asian driver on tiktok

An angry “Karen” is going viral on TikTok for racially abusing an Asian driver for allegedly hitting her car and then getting physical with him.

Karens getting furious and freaking out in public has become an all-too-common occurrence, but social media has made it so these tirades don’t go without consequences.

On May 17, TikToker sam.anthabong posted a video showing off an incident on an LA road where a woman began to “physically abuse” her friend’s buddy, who is Asian.

Photos included in the video show the aftermath of the altercation, with the Asian person appearing to have suffered a few cuts and marks on his skin, so it’s not clear if they can be attributed to the “Karen.”

Karen lashes out on Asian driver in racist tirade

In the video, the unidentified woman began yelling at the Asian man to show his insurance and began making some racist remarks in the process.

“You hit my car, so where is your insurance!” she cried. “Do you have a driver’s license? Are you from America? Do you even have papers? Are you legal to be here? Where is your driver’s license?”

As the woman continued to scream her head off, the man slowly pulled out his license and held it up in front of her, but she just knocked it away and started scrambling to prevent him from picking it up.

When the man reached down, the ‘Karen’ started hitting his back and even pushed him as others looked on and recorded the violence occurring.

After moving on from the Asian man, the woman turned her attention to others, hitting multiple people before returning to her original victim and knocking him toward oncoming traffic.

Eventually, the woman seemed to get back into her car and the video ended. It’s not clear if police are involved or what happened after the video ended, but the internet is trying its hardest to identify the Karen and bring her to justice.