Woman distraught after automatic car wash “destroys” her vehicle

Molly Byrne
woman's car destroyed in car wash

A woman has gone viral on TikTok for sharing how her car was “destroyed” by an automatic car wash.

TikToker Brittany Gentry was eager to take her car through the automatic car wash but quickly regretted using it, as the washing devices crushed her car.

“Why does the craziest stuff happen to me?” she asked in the caption of her viral TikTok which has received over 1M views.

During her video, Brittany gasped in shock while feeling her car being “destroyed.” When she got out of her car to check the damages, she was even more distraught. Not only was there a large scratch on the side but there were also several dents along the passenger-side doors.

She then explained that the woman in the truck ahead of hers got out of her vehicle during the car wash because a machine had caused damage to her vehicle. This then caused Brittany’s car to bump into theirs before her car began getting crushed. 

Not only that, but the attendant working inside the car wash noticed part of the machine was broken but continued to run it anyway. “It was partially the fault of the truck but also negligence of the attendant,” Brittany said.

Viewers of her TikTok have since reacted by saying her experience was their “sign” to never use an automatic car wash. One viewer also stated, “This is why I never go forward when they tell me, I give more time, they send you too close together.”

After the incident, the TikToker received an estimate for how much the repairs would be. She then posted a follow-up video of the amount, which was over $6,900. However, she said the car wash would pay for all the damages.

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