“Karen” calls cops on driver after he complains about her parking

Woman's car door resting on man's car, woman leaving her vehicleTIKTOK: notskykawai

A “Karen” went viral on TikTok after seemingly damaging a man’s car, before allegedly calling the police on him for complaining about her parking.

In a 28-second clip shared by TikToker notskykawai, the woman was seen resting her car door on the man’s vehicle.

“Are you really resting your car door on mine?” the owner asked, as he approached the driver to confront her.

The woman branded a “Karen” quickly slammed her car door shut, before shouting, “Get the f**k away from me. You’re trapping me in my car, f**k you.”

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In response, notskykawaii said: “I’m trapping you in your car? How so? You can get out. You’re perfectly free to get out of your car. Who’s stopping you?”

“You are harassing me. That’s what’s stopping me,” the woman answered. She then left her car and walked off in the opposite direction, while the TikToker responded: “That’s a really cute opinion.”

In the caption of the video, which amassed over 8.6 million views, notskykawaii claimed that the furious woman “called the cops because of this.”

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Most TikTok users in the comments slammed the “Karen” and thought the man did nothing wrong.

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“The audacity of these Karens’ to really try and flip the issue on the other person,” one user wrote.

“People who know they have done wrong often act aggressively when you confront them,” another added.

“On your side just because she said you were trapping her in when you were by your driver’s side door,” someone else said.

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A few users, however, said it’s not against the law to rest your car door on someone’s car.

“Is it against the law to rest your car door on someone else’s door as long as there’s no damage? Who is the Karen?” one commented.

“Why is resting the car door such an issue if there is no mark or damage? Honestly, it is normal here,” another added.

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