IRL Twitch streamer roasts ‘angry Karen’ after interrupting his stream in Egypt

jaystreazy on twitchTwitch, jaystreazy

An IRL Twitch streamer was abruptly interrupted by a random person on the street in Egypt and viewers have branded them a “Karen” after hearing them complain about their right to be filmed.

Jaystreazy is a popular creator on Twitch, with over 80,000 followers on the platform.

Normally, his viewers can expect to see him walking the streets with a camera, hosting IRL broadcasts for people to tag along with his trips.

This kind of streaming took him to Cairo, Egypt, but something quite strange happened on the streets on September 6.

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A clip from the stream has racked up over 22,000 views in the Just Chatting section, at the time of writing, with a caption that says: “Angry Karen in Egypt.”

Twitch streamer threatens to call cops on “Karen”

In the video, the streamer was talking to chat about whether they think Android or iPhone is better, before being interrupted by somebody passing by.

They said: “Did you take a photo of me?” Jay denied that immediately after, though it didn’t calm down the suspicions. “Show me if you don’t mind,” they replied. “This is my life.”

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Jay laughed it off, saying: “Get out of here. I never took a photo of you. I am literally talking to myself, get out of here. Please leave before I call the cops.”

After being told to clear off before the Police were called, the ‘Karen’ announced they were an “Australian citizen” in a rambling response.

Ending the strange interaction, the streamer added: “Dude, why are you trying to cause trouble? Nobody cares about you.”

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Soon after, they walked away allowing the live stream to continue.

This capped off possibly one of the strangest moments Jay will have experienced roaming the streets with a camera this year.

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