TikToker apologizes after threatening to use motorcyclists as “speed bumps”

Virginia Glaze

A TikToker user has issued an apology after coming under fire for saying she wanted to use motorcyclists as “speed bumps” while driving on the road.

In May 2024, TikTok user ‘Hazel’ uploaded a video expressing some disdain toward motorcyclists, arguing that they don’t follow driving laws and create an unsafe environment for other drivers.

“Watch out for motorcycles,” Hazel began, imitating signs she’d seen on the road. “When is the last time you have ever seen a motorcycle obey the laws of the road? I’ll wait. Yeah, that’s what I thought.”

“We need to watch for them? They need to watch for us. ‘Cause they’re the ones weaving in and out of traffic. They’re the ones trying to pass me on the shoulder. …Motorcycles better learn to watch out for me. ‘Cause I’m gonna start… speed bumps.”

Hazel’s video caught a massive amount of flak from viewers, and she ended up deleting the clip. Other users stitched the video with their comments on the subject, asking drivers to “watch out” for them and pointing out that vehicles are the number one reason for motorcyclist deaths.

According to Haffner Law, head-on collisions with cars or trucks are the most common cause of motorcyclist fatalities on the road — something other commenters pointed out online.

However, there was also a good amount of debate on both sides, with drivers saying it’s difficult to see motorcyclists and claiming that, in their experiences, many don’t obey traffic laws.

“I think her frustration was aimed at people saying to watch out for motorcycles, but it being impossible to actually keep an eye out for people zooming up out of nowhere being reckless specifically,” one viewer explained.

“In my area, motorcyclists do not obey stop signs,” another argued. “They run right through them, it’s very dangerous. I know I’m supposed to watch out, but it’s getting harder.”

It wasn’t long before Hazel uploaded an apology video, claiming that she’d had an experience while driving that day that left her feeling “frustrated” toward motorcyclists. 

“I did not mean to use such harsh terms when I was speaking in my video yesterday,” she said. “I did not realize at the time how those words were coming across. At the time I was just frustrated.”

“I had been dealing with someone in traffic and I did not see them using their directionals. I saw them speeding, weaving in and out [of traffic], so that frustrated me, and I apologize if that came out in a violent way.”

Despite her apology, many viewers aren’t accepting her explanation, with one user writing: “We’ll never forget your words, Hazel. You are canceled.”

“As a wife whose husband rides… PLEASE HAVE THE DAY YOU DESERVE,” another said.

“It’s okay Hazel, we forgive you… sike, actions have consequences and threatening human lives isn’t okay,” another wrote.

Hazel is just the latest TikToker to face backlash for her content after influencer Haylee Baylee got slammed by viewers for her “tone deaf” video at the 2024 Met Gala.