Woman exposes “crazy” Karen neighbor for destroying security camera

tiktoker-exposes-karen-neighbor-security-cameraTikTok: tanyaguev2

A woman on TikTok has gone viral for documenting the saga with her “crazy” Karen neighbor, even catching the disgruntled lady destroying her security camera.

No matter where you live, having a bad neighbor is never a fun time. With the advent of social media, more and more netizens have been documenting their experiences with awful neighbors — some of which have gone totally viral.

For instance, one woman took TikTok by storm after documenting her issues with a neighbor who accused her of being a porch pirate, even going to the extent of posting signs around the neighborhood with her photo on them.

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Now, another bad neighbor is making the rounds online… this time, for making multiple aggressive moves against a woman who simply wants to live in peace.

Woman catches ‘Karen’ neighbor destroying her security camera

TikTok user and mom of two ‘tanyaguev2’ racked up over 4 million views after recording her neighbor destroying a security camera attached to her house. In the video, the woman climbed up on a landscaping wall and tore the camera completely off the roof of Tanya’s house before yeeting it across the yard.

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That’s not all; she also threw a few insults and threats toward the TikToker, saying she’s “got videos of you, b*tch.”

That was far from the end of their issues. Tanya uploaded yet another video where she claimed that the woman had even called CPS on her, accusing her of having “postpartum depression” and leaving her kids unattended — even though Tanya says neither of those allegations are true.

She also says her neighbor has a camera pointed toward her living room and will constantly harass her family from behind the screen door of her house.

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Unfortunately, the TikToker says that she’s called the cops about her nasty neighbor before and was simply told, “There’s nothing we can do. Best thing would be for you to move out.” However, she has been in contact with the property manager of her neighbor’s house, which she supposedly rents, and says they’re doing their best to get her out.

She also claims that she’s filed a restraining order against the neighbor — which the neighbor has violated before.

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Now, Tanya says that she’s going to court over the issue next month, and commenters are rallying behind her in support.

“Wishing you a good turnout in court,” one commenter wrote. “Stay strong.”

“Hang in there!” another encouraged.

This is far from the first wild neighbor story we’ve covered here at Dexerto, with one couple going viral over the summer by getting revenge on their neighbors’ noisy, late-night parties by setting off fireworks at 7 AM.

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