xQc reveals he’s planning to host a “Joe Rogan-style” podcast at his house

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xQc has admitted he’s entertaining the idea of hosting a “Joe Rogan style” podcast — right in the middle of his streaming room — but has to wait until people can come chat to him “face to face” before he launches the show.

Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel isn’t the first name that springs to mind when you think of a podcast host. He’s entertaining and hilarious at the best of times. However, he talks so fast; it can be difficult to understand.

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But interestingly, he’s admitted he’s got plans to host a “Joe Rogan-style” podcast, once everything cools down.

In fact, the wheels were in motion in his new house.

Unfortunately, it never came to fruition, mainly due to travel being partially restricted at the moment, but it sounds like it could still be on the cards for the Twitch star in the future, if he can set it all up.

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If xQc hosted a podcast, could it become the next big thing?

“I wanted to have a production room,” he said. “A little bit like the Joe Rogan podcast. I think it’d cool. This room wasn’t supposed to be the streamer room. [It] was supposed to be the podcast room.”

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He admitted he probably wouldn’t be a “good podcast host,” but that doesn’t mean it couldn’t work. “[I wanted to] invite real people and have them come in physically [and] I could talk to them. Like a legitimate podcast studio or whatever. That was the main plan.”

However, the idea is not dead and buried. xQc entertains it from time to time and could have something planned in the future.

“It would be kind of cool,” he admitted. [The room is] pretty bland, but I could change it easily. It doesn’t have to be permanent. It [would] only [be] one segment of the stream… every [now and then].”

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It’s an exciting prospect that’s gotten fans buzzing, but they’ll have to wait and see whether it happens; xQc did admit it was on the backburner.

If the idea does end up panning out, it’s likely going to happen once everyone is free to travel around the United States again. A big barried, the Twitch star said, was that he wants to do “one on one” chats, but “face to face” instead of on Zoom calls.

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Still, it sounds like he wants to do it, and the interest is certainly there from his fans — the only question is, would he be a good host?

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