QTCinderella quits LoL mid-match after rat attacks her on Twitch stream - Dexerto

QTCinderella quits LoL mid-match after rat attacks her on Twitch stream

Published: 25/Mar/2021 23:12

by Michael Gwilliam


Twitch streamer QTCinderella absolutely freaked out after a rat attacked her during a League of Legends match, ultimately stopping her from competing in the game.

During a March 24 broadcast, the streamer was competing in some LoL games to grind the ladder when she began screaming uncontrollably at the top of her lungs.

Seemingly out of nowhere, the streamer startled her viewers as well as fellow broadcaster Ludwig, who was over in another room, by crying out about she had been apparently attacked by a rat.

QTCinderella’s viewers were clearly stunned (and somewhat amused) by her sudden antics, spamming ‘monkaW’ and other Twitch specific emojis in the chat.


“There’s a rat in here!” she screamed. “Oh my God! SOS! S O motherf***ing S!”

Soon thereafter, the streamer hopped on her phone and seemed to be alerting Ludwig, who was in another room in the middle of a Valorant match for his massive subathon.

“Somebody in this house, I’m begging you!” she cried for help. “I hear it moving, I’m so afraid.”

This continued for a few minutes, with QTCinderella standing on top of her chair, keeping an eye out on any signs of the rat menace. According to the Twitch star, she originally thought the rat was her cat, and when she went to pet it with her feet, she discovered it was a rat.


Eventually, Ludwig came to the rescue and planned to either leave the rat in the closet so it will eventually die, call an exterminator, or even bring out his cat to take care of business.

While all this was going on, QTCinderella was AFK, making the LoL game near impossible to win. In the end,  the two decided to just end the stream.

“Do not lose this game for us!” Ludwig demanded his roommate’s teammate. “Chat, I’m going to end this stream for her and she will be back later. Goodbye.”

QTCinderella wasn’t the only streamer on March 24 to be shocked by a creature during a broadcast. As Dexerto reported, Korean streamer ‘heehee’ literally fell out of her chair and crashed to the floor after her lobster meal seemed to come back from the dead.


So far, QTCinderella has not returned to Twitch since the rat incident, and it’s unclear if the creature still poses a threat for the LoL streamer.