Day6’s Jae Park quits Twitch after apologizing for “inappropriate” joke

Michael Gwilliam
Jae Park of Day6 quits Twitch

K-Pop star Jae Park of Day6 has made the decision to quit Twitch after he made “inappropriate” comments and jokes during a recent broadcast.

On March 25, the singer-songwriter took to Twitter to explain why he would no longer be streaming on the Amazon-owned platform.

In a series of images including English translations, Jae expressed regret and apologized for the comments he made that upset some viewers.

According to Kpopstarz, while in a video game, the singer called another player his “sugar daddy” and proceeded to use his avatar to resemble a sexual act.

Dae claimed on Twitter that he didn’t fully comprehend the seriousness of the incident, further noting that this made him realize his “immaturity and lack of judgment.”

“From now on I will not act impulsively taking into mind the gravity of my words and actions,” he wrote. “Moreover, as a member of Day6 I assure you I will always put Day6, fans and colleagues on top priority. Thus, as an act of sincerity, I will stop all personal livestreams including Twitch.”

Holding true to his word, the K-Pop icon’s account is no longer available. Now, when accessed, fans are greeted to Twitch’s “Sorry. Unless you’ve got a time machine, that content is unavailable.”

Park ended his messages by thanking fans who stood by his side and reiterated that the incident would not happen again.

While the singer believes deleting his Twitch account was the right course of action, many of his fans feel the response was extreme.

“Literally nothing, he made a joke – a GROWN man made a joke and got hate for it,” a popular reply to Jae’s tweet said, responding to a question asking what he did wrong.

“You’re a good man Jae,” Jacksepticeye remarked, adding a heart emoji for good measure.

YouTube star and fellow musician Corpse Husband simply replied to Park’s message with a black heart

It’s unclear if the K-Pop sensation will ever return to streaming or if this hiatus will be permanent, but for the time being, fans shouldn’t expect to see Jae Park on Twitch or other livestream services for the foreseeable future.